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Google Docs: Refworks

Using citation managers with Google Docs.

Refworks and Google Docs

To add in text citations and a formatted bibliography in Google Docs using Refworks, first copy the formatted citation from Refworks. Then when you are done with your document, download the document as a .rtf file and format the paper using Refworks. Step by step instructions are found below.

First change to the One line/Cite view:


Click on the curly brackets for the reference you wish to cite to bring up the Citation Viewer.

Copy and paste the citation with curly brackets in to your Google Doc.
“To visualize the physical situation more accurately, let us follow a single electron as it moves through the gas.” {{1239 Spitzer,Lyman 1953;}}


To format the citation and bibliography, download the document from Google Docs and save as an .rtf file.

 In RefWorks, click Bibliography -> Create.

In the pop-up window, click Format Paper and Bibliography, select the Document to Format, and click Create Bibliography in the bottom right hand corner (not shown).


You will now have two documents, the original and one with "Final-" in front of the document's name. This is the formatted document. Upload the document back in to Google Docs. Check "Convert documents to... Google Docs Format"



Formatted document in Google Docs.