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Google Docs: Papers 2.0

Using citation managers with Google Docs.

Papers/Magic Manuscripts videos and documentation

Papers 2.0 includes Magic Manuscripts, which allows you to create citations and bibliographies. The links below provide information on how to use Magic Manuscripts.

Papers at Princeton

Papers is not officially supported by Princeton University Libraries. Licensing or tutorial information are not available on a formal basis from the library.

Using Papers to insert bibliographies into Google Docs

Adding citations using Papers is done by first inserting a cite key for the citation and then formatting the document. If you are unfamiliar with adding citations using Papers, please view the videos on the left. You can not format a document with citations cite keys in Google Docs.

There are two options for using Papers to insert citations and bibliographies.

  • Download the Google Doc as a .rtf file and use Magic Manuscripts the same as you would with a Word document. For more information on this method, please watch the video on the left.
  • Insert and format citations manually and use Magic Manuscripts only for the bibliography.

Adding just a bibliography with Papers

Hit the Control key twice to bring up Magic Manuscripts. Type the author name or article title in to the search box to find it in your Papers library. Highlight the article and hit enter. To add another article start typing or double click "Search Another". Highlight "Insert Formatted Reference" and hit enter again. The formatted reference is added to your Google Doc. To change citation styles, open Preferences in Papers and go to the Manuscripts tab.