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Russian Cinema: A Research Guide: Bibliographies and Filmographies

This guide is intended to serve as an introduction to Russian and Soviet cinema from its beginnings to the present day.

About This Page

This page includes bibliographies of books about cinema in general and Russian and Eastern European cinema in particular and filmographies listing films produced in Russia or Eastern Europe.  This page covers only books; for website filmographies, please go to Internet Resources.  For general bibliographies of content about Russia and Eastern Europe, please visit the Bibliographies page of the Russian and Eurasian Studies LibGuide.



Zelenina, M. E.  Sovetskoe kinoiskusstvo: rekomendatel'nyi bibliograficheskii ukazatel'.  M.: Kniga, 1980.  (ANXA) Z5784.M9 Z42 1980

Bibliography of books on Soviet cinema published in the Soviet Union to 1979.  Structured as a series of bibliographic essays: the first covers the political implications and influence of Soviet cinema, while others cover feature films, documentary films, educational films, animated films, and general histories and reference books.  Focus is primarily on Russian-language cinema, although the final chapter does include works on the non-Russian Soviet cinemas.  All books covered are in Russian.  Appended are a name/title index of the books covered, a personal-name index of filmmakers, and a one-page list of books published on the topic after the book was submitted.

Cohen, Louis Harris.  The Soviet cinema, film, and photography: a selected annotated bibliography.  Edwards Air Force Base, Calif.: Photographic Branch, DOETC, Air Force Flight Test Center, 1976.  (ANXA) Z5784.M6 C64 1976

Bibliography of books on Soviet cinema, photography, and theatre, most of them in Russian.  Individual sections cover history, theory, and appreciation of Soviet cinema, Soviet film directing, Soviet screenwriting, biographies and autobiographies of Soviet film personalities, Soviet works on foreign cinema, Soviet cinematography and photography, reference works, Ukrainian-language works, and foreign- (primarily Western-) language works on the Soviet cinema.  Annotations are descriptive and lengthy.  Appendices include English translations of various Soviet decrees pertaining to cinema and a Russian-English dictionary of cinema terms.  Includes an index.  In English; no information given on the transliteration system used for Russian- and Ukrainian-language items.

Dana, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.  Handbook on Soviet drama: lists of theatres, plays, operas, ballets, films and books and articles about them.  New York: The American Russian Institute for Cultural Relations with the Soviet Union, 1938.  (F) Z2504 D8 D2 1938

Brief section on Soviet films.  Includes an introduction, a chronological filmography (1922-1938) with titles, directors' surnames, and one-sentence synopses, and a bibliography of periodicals, anthologies and compilations, books, and articles.  Bibliography covers Russian and Western-European language materials; Russian-language items are listed under English translations of their titles followed by transliteration in parentheses.  In English; author does not provide information on his choice of transliteration system, but it does not correspond with the modern LC scheme.


Emmons, Mark.  Film and television: a guide to the reference literature.  Westport, Conn.: Libraries Unlimited, 2006.  (F) Z5784.M9 E47 2006

A bibliography of bibliographies, filmographies, encyclopedias, and other reference works.  The chapter 'National Cinemas' includes sections on the countries of the NIS and Eastern Europe, both individually and as a region.  All materials surveyed either in English or in bilingual editions.  Includes an index.

Hagener, Malte, and Michael Toteberg.  Film: an international bibliography.  Stuttgart: Metzler, 2002.  (DR) Z5784.M9 H29 2002

Material on Russian/Soviet and Eastern European cinema is in the 'National Cinematographies' section, arranged chronologically by country.  Materials are for the most part in Western languages, with some in Slavic languages (none in Russian).  Occasional brief annotations, either descriptive or evaluative.  Useful for finding materials in non-English Western languages (especially German and French) that other bibliographies don't have.

Manchel, Frank.  Film study: an analytical bibliography.  Rutherford; London: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press; Associated University Presses, 1990.  4 v.  (DR) Z5784.M9 M34 1990

Volume 3 of this work, 'Approaching the History of Film.' contains substantial coverage of Russian/Soviet film.  Content is arranged by era and then by nation or region; the section on early Soviet film contains more material than do the sections on later Soviet and Eastern European film.  Each section contains a general bibliography of books covering that era, bibliographies of works by or about selected film directors working during the period, and a selected filmography of pictures by those directors.  All books and articles covered are in English, either original works or translations.  Annotations are lengthy and evaluative.


Slater, Thomas J.  Milos Forman: a bio-bibliography.  New York: Greenwood Press, 1987.  (F) Z8309.24.S57 1987

Annotated bibliography of material about Milos Forman and his films, including books, periodical articles, and entries in reference works, arranged by year.  All materials covered are in English; annotations are substantial and descriptive.  Book also includes a brief overview of Forman's life and career and an annotated filmography, which includes credits, a synopsis, and a critique of each film that refers to its contemporary reception.  Includes an index.

Feldman, Seth R.  Dziga Vertov, a guide to references and resources.  Boston: G. K. Hall, 1979.  (F) PN1998.A3 V419



Velikie sovetskie fil'my: 100 fil'mov, stavshikh legendami.  Moskva: Tsentrpoligraf, 2011.  (RCPPA) PN1993.5.S65 S656 2011

Chronological filmography of one hundred popular Soviet-era films.  Entry for each film includes basic credits, an appreciation, and a brief list of popular lines from the film attributed to the characters who speak them.  No indices.

Directory of world cinema: Russia.  Bristol: Intellect, 2011.  (F) PN1993.5.R8 D57 2011

Guide to Soviet and Russian cinema, subdivided by genre.  Entry for each film includes brief credits, a synopsis (including the ending), and a critique.  The filmography itself is preceded by critical essays on selected Soviet/Russian directors; each genre listing is itself preceded by a short essay.  The book concludes with a bibliography of English-language books and an annotated listing of websites in Russian and in English.  No indices, although there is a quiz.  The lack of indices and the absence of bibliographies or references in the articles themselves make it difficult to use this filmography for research.  One of a series; other titles from this region include Directory of world cinema: East Europe and Directory of world cinema: Finland (see below).

Fil'my Rossii: igrovoe kino, TV, video: 1992-2003.  Moskva: Dubl'-D, 2004.  (SLAV) PN1993.5.R9 F55 2004

Alphabetical filmography of Russian feature films, TV movies, and direct-to-video releases from 1992 to 2003.  Each entry includes credits, information on date of premiere, first airing, or video release, and any awards received, and a brief synopsis.  Personal name and title indices are included, as are indices for country of production and production company.

Velikii kinemo: katalog sokhranivshikhsia igrovykh fil'mov Rossii, 1908-1919.  Moskva: Novoe lit. obozrenie, 2002.  (SLAV) PN1998.V39 2002

Chronological filmography of Russian Imperial and very early Soviet films that survive either whole or in part.  Each entry includes basic credits, date of premiere (if known), and excerpts from contemporary reviews and/or recollections by the filmmakers.  Concludes with biographical sketches of some major directors, producers, and actors of the period.  Indices of film production companies and firms, film titles, pseudonyms and cryptonyms, and personal names.

Domashniaia sinemateka: otechestvennoe kino 1918-1996.  Moskva: Dubl'-D, 1996.  (F) PN1993.5.R9 Z45 1996

Alphabetical filmography of Soviet, Russian, and CIS feature films from 1918 to 1996.  Each entry includes credits, information about source material, a brief synopsis, and a list of any awards received.  Prefaces include a collection of Russian and Soviet film facts and statistics and information on Russian film personalities with the same or similar names.  No indices.

Handbook of Soviet and East European films and filmmakers.  New York: Greenwood Press, 1992.  (F) PN1993.5 R9 H28 1992

Book of historical/critical essays about various national cinemas of Eastern Europe (defined here as the Soviet Union, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Hungary, East Germany, Romania, and Bulgaria).  Each essay concludes with a bibiliography of books and articles consulted, a short biographical dictionary of prominent film directors, screenwriters, and actors, and a selected chronological filmography.  Appended are a general cultural chronology for the region as a whole, a name/subject index, and a film title index.


Directory of world cinema: East Europe.  Bristol; Chicago: Intellect, 2011.  (F) PN1993.5.E82 D57 2011

Guide to the cinema of Eastern Europe (defined here as the countries of the former Czechoslovakia, Poland, Hungary, and the countries of the former Yugoslavia).  Filmography is subdivided first by genre and then by national cinema; each genre subdivision is prefaced by an essay and each national subdivision is preceded with critical essays on selected directors from that region.  The entry for each film includes basic credits, a synopsis, and a critique.  The essays on the directors and on some of the films include references to books and articles in various languages; the book also includes a bibliography of English-language books.  There are no personal-name or subject indices.  The film-title index at the back of the book is arranged alphabetically by English translations rather than the original-language titles, and articles are included (i.e. the film Obchod na korze is listed as The Shop on Main Street and is indexed under 'T').  One of a series; other titles from this region include Directory of world cinema: Finland [(F) PN1993.5.F5 D57 2012] and Directory of world cinema: Russia (see above).  The book on Finnish cinema is also a useful resource and has a multilingual bibliography of books and websites.

Leksykon polskich filmow fabularnych.  Warszawa: Wydaw. Wiedza i Zycie, 1997.  (SLAV) 1993.5.P55 L45 1997

Alphabetical filmography of Polish feature films.  Each entry includes credits, information on date of premiere and any awards received, and a brief synopsis with commentary.  Yiddish-language films produced in Poland are included but are alphabetized under the Polish translation of their titles (e.g. Judel gra na skrzypcach rather than Yidl mitn fidl).  Personal name and title indices are appended.

Hibbin, Nina.  Eastern Europe: an illustrated guide.  London; New York: A. Zwemmer; A. S. Barnes, 1969.  (RCPPA) 30109.46


Pushkinskii kinoslovar'.  Moskva: Sovremennye tetradi, 1999.  (SLAV) PG3350.A3 P87 1999

Filmography of all Russian/Soviet films from 1907 to 1999 that have some relation to the life or works of Aleksandr Sergeevich Pushkin.  Filmography is divided into screen versions of Pushkin's works and biopics of Pushkin; feature films with references to Pushkin; animated films having some relation to Pushkin; documentary films about Pushkin; and documentary films with references to Pushkin, together with a biographical dictionary of persons having a major part in one of these films.  Each film entry includes complete credits, a synopsis, and a detailed description of any elements relating to Pushkin (if the entire film does not feature him or his work).  The book concludes with a list of films in which Pushkin himself appears as a character and a list of Pushkin's works that have been made into movies or that feature in movies.