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HIS 393: Race, Drugs, and Drug Policy in America

Major scientific & medical journals

Major English-language scientific and medical journals at Princeton:

Other medical journals can be found in:

Indexes to scientific and medical journals

The U.S. government began indexing medical journals in the late 19th century:

Index Medicus, which covers 1879-1927. In print at Lewis Reference 04956.49

Index-Catalogue of the Library of the Surgeon-General's Office (61 volumes in 5 series, 1880-1961) IndexCat or in print at Firestone Z6676 .I534

Note: Indexcat is confusing. For best results, use the Advanced search tab and restrict your search to just one year.

Important: these are indexes. There is no linking to the full text of the actual articles. So once you have identified relevant articles, you must then search for the Journal Title in the library catalog to discover whether a digital version exists and if not, where the print version is shelved.