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Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)

DVDs and videos

A. Philip Randolph for jobs & freedom / WETA-TV.  San Francisco, CA: California Newsreel, 1996. Participant(s)/Performer(s): Narrator, Lynne Thigpen ; historians, Paula F. Pfeffer, William Harris, John H. Bracey, Nelson Lichtenstein, John Hope Franklin ; also, James Farmer (Congress of Racial Equality), Timuel D. Black (Negro American Labor Council), John Lewis (SNCC). Partial Contents:Music: Jesus is a rock in the weary land -- La Guiablesse: Entrance of Les Porteuse -- Night -- Let's all be Americans now -- On Jersey shore -- Get on board -- Now let me fly -- Pullman porter blues -- Hold the fort -- Mean low blues -- Happy days are here again -- Defense factory blues -- I'm so glad -- We shall overcome.  Located at ReCAP Humanities Resource Center use only (RCPQV) VCASS 431 

Bernice Johnson Reagon SNCC freedom singer and founder of Sweet Honey in the Rock. Veterans of Hope Project; producers, Rachel Elizabeth Harding, Sudarshan Kapur.  Summary: Bernice Johnson Reagon speaks about her years in the struggle for civil rights and the future of social justice movements.  Video Collection (VIDL) DVD 3311 

Gwendolyn Zoharah Simmons Islamic scholar and SNCC organizer.   Producers, Rachel Elizabeth Harding, Sudarshan Kapur.  [Denver, Colo.]: Veterans of Hope Project, [2004], c2000.  Summary:Gwendolyn Zoharah Simmons speaks about her years in the civil rights struggle and her experience as a Muslim woman.  Video Collection (VIDL) DVD 3314 

Ruby Sales Episcopalian seminarian and SNCC organizer.  Producers, Rachel Elizabeth Harding, Sudarshan Kapur.  [Denver, Colo.]: Veterans of Hope Project, [2004], c2000. Summary: Ruby Sales speaks about her years in the civil rights struggle. Video Collection (VIDL) DVD 3313 

Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee 50th Anniversary, Shaw University, Raleigh NC: 1960-2010.  [San Francisco, Calif.]: California Newsreel, 2011. 

“In April 2010, hundreds of veteran and youth activists gathered at Shaw University in North Carolina to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), an organization which formed the vanguard of the Civil Rights Movement.  The 38 DVD series that covers the full 50+ hours of incisive plenary sessions, panel discussions and cultural programs at the conference, including presentations by U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, Cong. John Lewis, Harry Belafonte, Danny Glover, Bernice Johnson Reagon and many other SNCC veterans and supporters.”

Contents: v. 1. Opening plenary -- v. 2. Early student movement philosophy and activism -- v. 3. From student activists to field organizers -- v. 4. SNCC builds an organization -- v. 5. The Raleigh civil rights movement -- v. 6. Luncheon keynote: Rev. James Lawson, "We have not yet arrived" -- v. 7. The societal response to SNCC -- v. 8. Up South: "We raised money, we raised hell" -- v. 9. More than a hamburger -- v. 10. Moving on Mississippi: "We had to be strong" -- v. 11. Alabama: "Turning to ourselves" -- v. 12. Southwest Georgia: "Do you want to be free" -- v. 13. Arkansas, Cambridge, MD, Danville, VA: "Everybody say freedom" -- v. 14. The impact and influence of SNCC on American society 1960 to 1968 -- v. 15. What was SNCC? How did it evolve over the years? Why did it cease to exist? -- v. 16. Political impact of SNCC 1964 to 1984 -- v. 17. Luncheon keynote: Harry Belafonte, "Why can’t our children find us?" -- v. 18. Ella Baker’s roots: "Give people light and they will find a way" -- v. 19. Depictions of the movement in popular culture -- v. 20. Black Power, Black education and Pan Africanism -- v. 21. The Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party: "A real democratic process" -- v. 22. Women leaders and organizers: "You can do this" -- v. 23. The Black church and Black struggle -- v. 24. Highlander, SSOC and organizing in the white community: "We knew that we were not free" -- v. 25. SNCC and the Black Arts Movement: "We had to change the conversation" -- v. 26. Plenary: Joyce Ladner -- v. 27. SNCC children speak -- v. 28. Luncheon keynote: Congressman John Lewis, "Stand up and make some noise" -- v. 29. Luncheon keynote: U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, "The nation’s in your debt" -- v. 30. The Young People’s Project: "Come let us build a new world" -- v. 31. The cradle to prison pipeline -- v. 32. Actions for an new world -- v. 33. Special program: Dick Gregory, "They’re asking different questions today" -- v. 34. Plenary: In remembrance of Ella Baker, Howard Zinn, and James Forman -v. 35. Dinner keynote: Danny Glover, "The real costs lie ahead" -- v. 36. Freedom concert -- v. 37. Plenary: Bob Moses, "We the people" -- v. 38. Closing program: Bernice Johnson Reagon, "Solidarity of past, present and future".  Video Coll. East Pyne DVD 5801