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Non-Depository Federal Documents: Library of Congress Documents Expediting Project (DocEx)

Background sources

  • Wikipedia entry:

1946-September 30, 2004 Library of Congress assisted libraries in "obtaining documents that were not distributed through the Federal Depository Library Program, not for sale by the Government Printing Office, and not available directly from the publishing agency." Wikipedia Initially started after WWII to distribute formally classified documents.

  • Annual Report of the Librarian of Congress
  • The Library of Congress. Financial Statements for FY
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  • "Library associations and public documents," by Thomas S. Shuler. Library Trends, July 1966, vol. 15, issue 1, pp. 167-177.

Guides to Documents Distributed through DocEx

  1. CIA publications released to the public / Directorate of Intelligence. -- Washington, D.C. : The Center: Document Expediting (DOCEX) Project, Exchange and Gift Division, Library of Congress [distributor]; Springfield, Va. : National Technical Information Service [distributor], 1982- . -- [ ] microfiches ; 11 x 15 cm.

    LC Call Number: Microfiche 5053

    Unclassified periodicals and reports from 1957, including directories of officials in communist countries, studies and data on economic and energy issues, and the annual National Basic Intelligence Factbook. Most documents have been available through the Documents Expediting Project at the Library of Congress, and are now also available as depository items, and in the American Statistics Index (ASI) microfiche collection.
    Arranged by year and CIA document number.

    LCCN: 82-645668 (paper version)

    GUIDE: Use Z7754.U5 A46, American Statistics Index (ASI) to search by document title; ASI also gives descriptions of each series, as well as CIA document number.

    1. United States. Central Intelligence Agency.

Princeton copy: (DOCS) PrEX 3.10/7.NFAC 79-10001