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Non-Depository Federal Documents: Current Major Government Non-depository Sources


Central Intelligence Agency

Congressional Research Reports (CRS)

Declassified Documents

For more current documents:  Declassified Documents Online, which "provides online access to more than 500,000 pages of previously classified government documents. Covering major international events from the Cold War to the Vietnam War and beyond." [web site] Some of the collections are in Archives Unbound.

Digital National Security Archive 1945+


Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS)

Agriculture Department

Forest Service

Training Text (A 13.36/4:nos. Item 81-B) (p. 11)

Area Guide Preliminary Series (A 13.365/5:CT Item 86-C)

Equipment Development and Test Program (A13.49/5:date Item 82-D-1) (p. 13)

Food Safety and Inspection Service

Food News for Consumers (A 110.10 Item 21-T-4) (p. 100)

Federal Register (AE2.106:v. nos./nos. Item 573-C (P) also M & E) p. 105

Homeland Security Digital Library

General policy documents and directives from White House, Dept. of Homeland Security and other executive agencies, key legislation (1947+), and executive orders (FDR--)

LLMC Digital (Law Library Microform Consortium)

Many superseded statutes and old case reporters. (Per Sue Lyons)

The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources

Among the hard-to-find documents this source contains are documents published by state constitutional conventions, early state codes, and city charters and some collections of ordinances.

Commerce Department

National Ocean Service

Airport Obstruction Charts (C55.411/3:date Item 192-A-2 (p. 202)

Bureau of Industry and Security

Export Administration Regualtions (C63.23/A Item 231-S-3) (p. 218)

Defense Department

Department of the Army

All Points Bulletin, The Army Financial Management Newsletter (D101.96:v.nos.&nos. Item 325-B-18 (MF)) (p. 253)

Department of Education

Thesaurus of ERIC Descriptors (ED1.310/3:date  Item 466-A-1 (MF)) p. 318

Department of Environmental Protection

EPA Newsletter. Quality Assurance (EP1.98 Item 431-J-9 (MF)) (p. 326)

Federal Reserve System Board of Governors. See Basic Sources of U.S. Economic Statistics: Financial and Monetary guide for a list of major publications. (pp. 349-353)

Depository: Annual report, General publications

Non-depository: Federal Reserve Bulletin, Regulations, Handbooks (manuals, guides), Federal Reserve Chart Book on Financial and Business Statistics, Historical Chart Books, Staff Economic Studies, Annual Statistical Digest,

Department of Health, Education and Welfare

National Office of Vital Statistics (p. 360)

No Item nos.: Mortality Index, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports, Current Mortality Analysis, VItal Statistics Bulletin, Marriage Report, Mental Health Statistics: Current Reports, Communicable Disease Summary,


With Item nos.: Where to Write for ... Records, Vital Statistics, Special Reports, Vital Statistics of the United States, Monthly Vital Statistics Report, Health Resources Statistics

National Library of Medicine (pp. 360-361)

No Item nos.: Bibliography of the History of Medicine, Toxicity Bibliography, Environmental Health Series (Air Pollution), Fluoridation Census, Air Quality Data from National Air Sampling Networks and Contributing State and Local Networks

With Item nos.: Index Medicus, Medical Subject Headings, Environmental Health Series (Artic Health, Radiological Health), Air Quality Data from National Air Surveillance Networks and Contributing State and Local Networks

Social Security Administration (pp. 362-363)

No item nos. except: Social Security Bulletin and SSB Annual Statistical Supplement, OASI, Handbook of Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Statistics, Social Security Information

Bureau of Employment Security (pp. 363-364)

No item nos.



National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

U.S. AID reports