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U.S. presidential papers

William McKinley

William McKinley (President 1897-1901)

  • William McKinley papers [microform]
    Library of Congress, 1961
    98 microfilm reels
    RECAP 10871.606
    For accompanying index see: (FilmB) Z6616.M18U5

Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt (President 1901-1909)

A companion to Theodore Roosevelt  Firestone E757 .C73 2012

  • Theodore Roosevelt papers [microform]
    Library of Congress, 1967
    485 microfilm reels
    Firestone Microforms Services (Film) 10872.783.04
    For accompanying index see: (FilmB) Z6616.R73U5

William H. Taft

William H. Taft (President 1909-1913)

  • William H. Taft papers [microform]
    Library of Congress, 1969
    658 reels
    RECAP Microfilm 00264
    Index (Film B) Z6616.T18U6

Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson (President 1913-1921)

  • Woodrow Wilson papers [microform]
    Manuscript Division, Library of Congress, 1973
    540 reels
    Firestone Microforms Services (Film) Microfilm 00315
    For accompanying index see: (FilmB) Z6616.W53U54