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Medieval & early modern Britain

Medieval Britain

Parliament rolls of medieval England, 1275-1504 [electronic resource]
COMPUTER FILE 448 and also in
British History Online
"The Medieval Parliament Rolls contain the official records of the English Parliament between c 1270 to 1503. It provides a full transcript with modern English translation, introductory matter, critical apparatus, footnotes and bibliographical references. These rolls record the debates held and the decisions made in Parliament, as well as the petitions, bills and answers, both public and private, which formed the basis of acts of Parliament."

Ancient correspondence, 1175-1538: PRO class SC 1 [microform]
Microfilm 05217
26 reels
Printed guide: none
Medieval documents from a variety of sources among the records of English royal government. "The records are enormously diverse in format, purpose and content, covering the wide range of secular and ecclesiastical subjects which were of direct or indirect interest to the royal government." For more information, see List of ancient correspondence of the Chancery and Exchequer preserved in the Public Record office, Firestone CD1040 .G778 1968q.

[Memoranda rolls of the King’s Remembrancer (E.159) for the period 1217-1307] [microform]
17 reels
Printed guide: none
Material from the National Archives of the UK. Consists of records from the office of the King's Remembrancer, which was "concerned with the accounting and audit procedures and also in the wider administrative functions of the Court of Exchequer." See the National Archives web site for more information.