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Studio Art Library Resources: Art Program FAQ

A short description of the collections, tools, and research help available to Studio Art enthusiasts.

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Need to Know More About Your Program?

Maybe you have a question about the visual arts program, or maybe you're considering switching to an art program at Princeton.  Here are some links that might be helpful:

Visual Arts Certificate Program--There isn't exactly a "major" in visual arts that you can do at Princeton, but you could do a certificate program--supplementary courses that are a little bit like a "minor"--in visual arts in addition to your main area of concentration.  Go here to find out the course requirements for certificate in visual arts.

Practice of Art track--This program combines a degree in art history with a focus on studio work.  Go here to find out about course requirements, the application process, and independent work.

Film Track Certificate--This new program is one of the options that you can choose within the Visual Arts Certificate Program.  You can focus on film history and theory or on film and video production, but make sure that your main area of concentration will accept a written or creative thesis in film or video.

Lewis Center for the Arts

The Lewis Center for the Arts "put the creative and performing arts at the heart of the Princeton experience," according to its website.  The art building was designed by award-winning architect Steven Holl to be part of a planned Arts and Transit Neighborhood.

The design concept for the new Lewis Center of the Arts by Steven Holl, 2009.