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Primary sources for historical research

20th century: United States

Note: in many cases, current issues are shelved in the Periodicals Reading Room and issues from circa 1990 onwards are available online. Check the Main Catalog for more detailed information.

Most of the periodicals on this list are indexed in Reader's Guide.

Businessweek Archive also Business week 1929-present  Firestone HF5001 .B964

Ebony 1956-present Firestone Oversize E185.5 .E266q
1945-2003 MICROFILM S00001 (Note: indexed in Reader's Guide only starting 1961.)

Esquire: 1933-2014

Essence 1970-present Firestone E185.86 .E874 (Note: indexed in Reader's Guide only starting 1978.)  Also in Women's Magazine Archive

Forbes Business Archive

GQ  1958-2019

Jet  1951-present  

1986-present RECAP MICROFILM S00993
1966-86 Annex A, Forrestal: Locked Books (L): 0901.442 (Note: not indexed in Reader's Guide.)

1883-1936 RECAP 0901.L722 and MICROFILM S00932
1936-1972 Firestone: Oversize AP2 .L544q; Annex A, Forrestal: Oversize 0901.L724q
1978-2000 MICROFILM S00934

Nation Digital Archive  1865+ (current year excluded)

National Geographic

also 1888-present Firestone G1 .N385

National Review 1955-present  in OpinionArchives
Firestone AP2 .N3855; RECAP MICROFICHE 195

New Republic 1914-present: in OpinionArchives

1935-1986 RECAP Oversize AP2 .N497q  

Newsweek 1933-2005 in News, Policy, and Politics Magazine Archive

1933-present: MICROFILM S00034 [1933-1974 in Firestone Microforms Services (Film); 1975-present in RECAP];

New Yorker 1925-present: Firestone Oversize AP2 .N4992q and on DVD: Firestone Microforms Services (FilmB) COMPUTER FILE 451

Playboy 1953-present: MICROFILM S00154 (Note: not indexed in Reader's Guide, but see Playboy Index FilmB AP2 .xP691)

Popular Science 1872-present: Firestone AP2 .P678

Reader's Digest 1922-2003: RECAP MICROFILM S00459

Saturday Evening Post 1899-1969: MICROFILM S00608 [1899-Feb. 1931 in Firestone Microforms Services (Film); Mar. 1931-1969 in RECAP]

Scientific American 1845-present
1907-2009 Firestone Oversize Q1 .S3544q

Sports Illustrated 1954-present: Firestone Oversize GV561 .S667q and MICROFILM S00974/MICROFICHE 1949

Time 1923-present

Also RECAP MICROFILM S00236 to find the actual articles in full.

U.S. News & World Report 1948-present

1933-present: MICROFILM S00237

Variety 1905-present 

RECAP MICROFILM S01137 (Note: not indexed in Reader's Guide or in International Index to the Performing Arts)

More American periodicals

Collier's (1905-1957) RECAP Oversize 0901.C711q (Note: we do not have the previous title, "Collier's Weekly," 1888-1904)

Cosmopolitan (1886-1907) American Periodical Series
(1886-1915) RECAP MICROFILM S00898
(1915-1919) RECAP 0901.C836
(1925-1952; not complete) RECAP MICROFILM S00495

Fortune (1930-present): Firestone Oversize HF5001 .F678q; current issues in PR

Look (1937-1971 - we have 1954-1971): Firestone Oversize AP2 .L665q

Esquire (1933-present): Firestone Oversize AP2 .E878q; MICROFILM S00252; AP2 .E845.

Vogue 1892-2014: RECAP MICROFILM S01478; RECAP TT500 .V7

Liberty Magazine 1924-1950 is in Gale News Vault

20th century: Britain


Some widely-read British periodicals not available at Princeton:

  • John Bull (1825-1958) -- the 19th century issues are in Nineteenth Century UK Periodicals. Only a handful of the 20th century issues are in U.S. libraries, primarily those published during World War I. 
  • Tatler (1901-present) -- New York Public Library has a nearly complete run. 
  • Radio Times: journal of the British Broadcasting Corporation (1923-present)  2001-2004 is in Lexis-Nexis Academic; Princeton holds a handful of issues from the 1950's in Special Collections. New York Public Library has a nearly complete run from 1927 to present.
  • Woman's Own (1932-present) is held at the Library of Congress. The preceding title, Woman's Life (1895-1934), is in Gerritsen Collection for 1985-1904.
  • Woman (1937-) is held at the Library of Congress.


20th century: Europe


  • Figaro
    1826-1942 Gallica
    1826-1894, 1953-1990, 1992-present: MICROFILM S00890
  • L'Express (begins 1953; we have 1962-present): Firestone AP20 .E977
  • Paris-Match (begins 1949; we have 1955-present): Firestone Oversize AP20 .P375q
  • L'Illustration (1843-1944): RECAP Oversize 0904.49f -- followed by France Illustration (1945-1955) Firestone Oversize AP20 .F736q


  • Der Speigel (begins 1947; we have 1957-present): Firestone Oversize AP30 .S654q
  • Die Zeit (1958-present): RECAP MICROFILM S00888
  • Stern Magazin (begins 1948)
    1974-1987 Annex A Oversize 0902.879q
    1984-1989 MICROFICHE 1074


  • Panorama (Milan, Italy) (begins 1962; we have 1986-present ): Firestone AP37 .P32