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Finding book reviews in history

Print indexes to 20th century book reviews

Combined Retrospective Index to Book Reviews in Scholarly Journals (CRIS) (1886-1974)
Provides very brief citations to scholarly book reviews in history, political science, and sociology. Includes two indexes, one for names of reviewed authors, one for book titles. In print only at Firestone Z1035 A1 C64. It has a companion, Combined Retrospective Index to Book Reviews in Humanities Journals, which is also useful for some topics.

John W. Brewster, Index to book reviews in historical periodicals (1972-1977)
Alphabetical by author; title index. Cites about 100 journals. Firestone Library (F) Z6205 .B73

Bibliographie der Rezensionen (1900-1943)
Indexes reviews in German (1900-1943) and foreign (1911-1943) periodicals. Continued, after 1971, by the IBR (above). In print only at Firestone call number A19 .B535.

IBR: Internationale Bibliographie der Rezensionen (1971- )
International index to book reviews in the humanities and social sciences. Continuation, after a long hiatus, of the Bibliographie der Rezensionen. Structure varies slightly, but current volumes appear in 5 sections: A) authors reviewed, B) reviewers, C) titles, D) subjects, and E) periodicals covered. Instructions in English at the front of each volume. In print at Firestone call number Z5051.I64

Finding 19th century book reviews

Book reviews were published in many newspapers and magazines in the 19th century, so any database with periodicals may contain book reviews. Generally, search for keywords (author, title) for the book. You may also be able to limit your search to reviews, depending on the database.