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Finding book reviews in history

Looking for recent book reviews? Try this first!

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Scholarly reviews of recent work in history

Both American Historical Review and Isis publish hundreds of book reviews every year. If you are looking for a review of a recent book from an academic press, you may find it quickest to search them directly. There are also several online review services, including H-NET, Bryn Mawr Classical Review, and The Medieval Review. It's worth signing up for whichever of these covers your area of interest.

  • New York Times (Book Review Section)
    Current issues are in PR and online. For earlier issues, use New York Times (Proquest Historical Newspapers) (1851-2001). First choose the "advanced search" tabs at the top. Then enter your author or title in the "article text" box and pull the "article type" menu down to "review." Note that you can limit your search by date if you're getting too many hits.
  • Times Literary Supplement Centenary Archive Online
    Covers1902-2009. Note that from 1985 onwards, TLS is available full-text in several different places, including ProQuest Central. Use the "Publications" tab and look up "Times Literary Supplement." Current issues are shelved in PR.
  • New York Review of Books (since 1963)
  • American Historical Review (History Reference, JSTOR, current issues online at History Cooperative)
  • History: Reviews of New Books (Z6205 .H5784; current issues in PR)
  • Isis (History Reference, JSTOR, current issues online at
  • Reviews in American History (History Reference, JSTOR, Project Muse)
  • H-NET (since 1995)
  • Bryn Mawr Classical Review (since 1990)
  • The Medieval Review (since 1993)
  • Reviews in History (since 1996; from the Institute of Historical Research)