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Woodrow Wilson: A Guide to Selected Resources in the Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library: Foreword

Woodrow Wilson


The 69-volume Papers of Woodrow Wilson stands as one of the preeminent presidential documentary projects. During the course of its work, editor Arthur Link and his staff painstakingly collected the most complete set of Wilsoniana in the world. Once the project was completed, the Woodrow Wilson Papers Project files were moved to the Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library, where, in conjunction with other collections, they constitute the leading collection for Wilson studies.

Among the Wilson-related collections at Mudd are the Woodrow Wilson Collection (formerly held in the Manuscripts Division of Rare Books and Special Collections), as well as those of Ray Stannard Baker (the American Commission to Negotiate Peace [ACNP] and Wilson biographer); Bernard Baruch (who served the Council on National Defense, the War Industries Board and ACNP); Arthur Bullard (Committee on Public Information); Gilbert Close (Wilson's personal secretary); Raymond Fosdick (Commission on Camp Training Activities); Lindley Miller Garrison (Secretary of War); Herbert Adams Gibbons (foreign correspondent); Robert Lansing (Secretary of State); David Lawrence (journalist); the Liberty Loan Committee; Maurice Lyons on William Frank McCombs (who was actively involved in Wilson's gubernatorial and presidential campaigns); David Magie, Jr. (ACNP); Roland S. Morris (Ambassador to Japan); Jessie Woodrow Wilson Sayre (Wilson's daughter); Hugh Lenox Scott (Special Diplomatic Mission to Russia); Benjamin Strong (Federal Reserve Board, New York); Hugh Wallace (advisor to Wilson and Ambassador to France); and the Woodrow Wilson Foundation.

For the first time, this guide brings together the information on these many collections, allowing one to understand how the materials relate to one another and providing information on the various finding aids and indexes available for each. As we approach the centennial of Wilson 's presidential election, it is our hope that this guide will aid those using these records to efficiently conduct their research on one of Princeton 's greatest sons.

Daniel J. Linke

University Archivist and Curator of Public Policy Papers

August 17, 2007