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General Science: Science News Links

Key resources for general science information and specific scientific literature databases

Online & print sources

Science News from the journal Science (AAAS) American Association for the Advancement of Science. Free weekly newsletter.

Nature News from the journal Nature (NPG) Nature Publishing Group.  Free weekly newsletter.

Science News,  "magazine of the society for science and the public",  available from JSTOR, however up to 2 years behind online.

New Scientist, the magazine, from Reed Business Information, Ltd. (Elsevier, ScienceDirect). Free weekly e-newsletter.

Today in Science History  Entertaining. Keeps a calendar of birthdays of famous scientists, as well as yearly major event anniversaries in Science (Ads present)

Today in Science News (Ads present)

Reuters News is a source of all categories of news, perhaps particularly business and financial.  Here are the sci-tech subdivisions:

Seed Magazine home, and Latest issue.  From Seed Media Group, Montreal

Physics World (link to journal) -- a community website from IOP, the Institute of Physics. UK. A weekly newsletter is available: Newswire

Physics Today American Institute of Physics, College Park, MD. Daily news is available.

Chemical & Engineering News C&E News is the magazine's homepage.

American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) There are news feeds and society newsletter, and BioScience Magazine.

Discover (is a magazine for the public about) "science, technology and the future".  has podcasts.  Firestone subscribes to the print.  It is available to PU via EBSCO and ProQuest and Wilson aggregators.

Discover a new stand-alone website. "Silver Spring-based Discovery Communications announced Monday that it has launched a new Web site dedicated to reporting science and technology news."  From the Washington Post Technology, Afternoon edition, 11/09/09 

National Geographic  Reports news daily. National Geographic Society, Washington, DC. Print copies available at Firestone and Stokes libraries.  Available in full text (online) from EBSCO, ProQuest and Wilson. See main catalog.

National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, Institute of Medicine, National Research Council -- Advisors to the nation on science, engineering and medicine.  Friday newsletter, What's New at the National Academies is a free subscription.  Top articles from PNAS. Books from National Academies Press.  Podcasts and News feeds are available.

National Science Foundation -- grant opportunities, research news, alerts, science & engineering statistics

NPR Science Friday  with Ira Flatow.  Podcasts, blogs, videos.  SciFri is even in Second Life!

 University of California.  Science Today  Science Today is a one minute, 5 X/week radio program carried on CBS affiliates and produced by   UC.  Topics feature scientific breakthroughs. Full articles are provided in the archive dating back to 2007.

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