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Russia, Eastern Europe, and Eurasia: A Research Guide: Subject Bibliographies

Subject Bibliographies

Subject bibliographies list resources on a particular subject, broad or narrow.  They can be used as an early step in the research of a paper or article to determine what has already been written on a topic and which directions scholarship has taken in the past.  Subject bibliographies can also indicate the foundational books and articles on a particular topic.

Anthropology, Ethnology, and Geography

Harkins, William E.  Bibliography of Slavic folk literature.  New York: King's Crown Press, 1953.  (F) Z5984.R8 H375 1953

Zelenin, D. K.  Bibliograficheskii ukazatel' russkoi etnograficheskoi literatury o vnieshnem bytie narodov Rossii 1700-1910 gg.: (zhilishche, odezhda, muzyka, iskusstvo, khoziaistvennyi byt').  S-Peterburg: Tip. A. V. Orlova, 1913.  (RCPPA) GN585.R9 A123


See the Bibliographies and Filmographies page of the Russian and Eastern European Cinema LibGuide.


Bibliografiia russkoi bibliografii po istorii SSSR: annotirovannyi perechen' bibliograficheskikh ukazatelei, izdannykh do 1917 goda.  M.: Izd-vo Vses. knizhnoi palaty, 1957.  (SLAV) Z2491.A1 M6 1957

Annotated bibliography of Russian-language bibliographies of works on history, primarily on Russian history, published before the revolution. 

2nd edition, covering works issued through 1965: (F and SLAV) Z2491.A1 M6 1966

3rd edition, covering works published from 1800 to 1982: (ANXA) Z2506.G89 1985

Crowther, Peter A.  A bibliography of works in English on early Russian history.  Oxford: Blackwell, 1969.  (F and SLAV) Z2506.C75 1969

Egan, David R., and Melinda A. Egan.  Russian autocrats from Ivan the Great to the fall of the Romanov dynasty: an annotated bibliography of English-language sources to 1985.  Metuchen, N. J.: Scarecrow Press, 1987.  (SLAV) Z2506.E35 1987

Grierson, Philip.  Books on Soviet Russia, 1917-1942: a bibliography and a guide to reading.  Twickenham: Anthony C. Hall, 1969.  (SLAV) Z2510.G75 1969

Istoriia dorevoliutsionnoi Rossii v dnevnikakh i vospominaniiakh: annotirovannyi ukazatel' knig i publikatsii v zhurnalakh.  Red. P. A. Zainchkovskii.  M.: Kniga, 1976-1989.  (F and SLAV) Z2506.I87

Istoriia SSSR: ukazatel' sovetskoi literatury za 1917-1967 gg.  M.: Izd-vo Akad. nauk SSSR, 1956-  (SLAV) Z2506.A4 1956

First two volumes cover material published in the Soviet Union from 1917 to 1952 on Russian history from ancient times through 1917; third volume covers material published in the Soviet Union from 1941 to 1967 on the World War II period.

Jankovic, Vendelin.  Bibliografia k dejinam Slovenska: literatura vydana do roku 1965.  Bratislava: AEP, 1997.  (SLAV) Z2156.J36 1997

Bilingual Slovak/English bibliography of books and articles in Eastern and Western European languages on Slovak history published before 1965.

Kondrakova, I. A.  Otkrytyi arkhiv: spravochnik opublikovannykh dokumentov po istorii Rossii-XX veka.  M.: Print-Servis, 1997.  (SLAV) Z2510.K66 1997

Indexes archival documents published in the Russian press between 1985 and 1995.

Kondrakova, I. A.  Otkrytyi arkhiv: spravochnik sbornikov dokumentov, vyshedshikh v svet v otechestvennykh izdatel'stvakh v 1917-2000 gg.  M.: ROSSPEN, 2005.  (SLAV) Z2510.K66 2005

Kovtun, George J.  Czech and Slovak history: an American bibliography.  Washington, D.C.: Library of Congress, 1996.  (SLAV) Z2131.K68 1996

Bibliography of English-language books, book chapters, and periodical articles published through 1993 on Czech and Slovak history from ancient times to 1968.

Liberman, A. A.  Gosudarstvennaia vlast' dorevoliutsionnoi Rossii v biografiiakh ee predstavitelei (XIX- nachalao XX v.): ukazatel' trudov, literatury o zhizni i deiatel'nosti.  M.: Indrik, 2006-  (SLAV) Z2509.L54 2006

Princeton owns part 1 (1801-1855).

Lobashkova, T. A.  Dom Romanovykh: biobibliograficheskii illiustrirovannyi ukazatel'.  M.: Reka vremen, 2008.  (SLAV) Z2508.L63 2008

Meyer, Klaus.  Bibliographie zur osteuropaischen Geschichte.  Verzeichnis der zwischen 1939 und 1964 veroeffentlichten Literatur in westeurop. Sprachen zur osteurop. Geschichte bis 1945.  Wiesbaden: Harassowitz, 1972.  (SLAV) Z2483.M43

Schmidt, Christian D.  Bibliographie zur osteuropaischen Geschichte.  Verzeichnis der zwischen 1965 und 1974 veroeffentlichten Literatur in westeurop. Sprachen zur osteurop. Geschichte bis 1945.  Wiesbaden: Harassowitz, 1983.  (SLAV) Z2483.S34 1983

Bibliographies of Western European-language works on Eastern European history to 1945.  First volume covers material published between 1939 and 1964; second volume covers material published between 1965 and 1974.  "Eastern Europe," in this context, includes Russia, the Soviet Union, Finland and the countries of the Baltic region, Ukraine, Belarus, Asian Russia, and Poland.  First book is in German; second is in German and English. 

Morley, Charles.  Guide to research in Russian history.  Syracuse, N. Y.: Syracuse University Press, 1951.  (RCPPA) Z2506 M85 1951

Shapiro, David.  A select bibliography of works in English on Russian history, 1801-1917.  Oxford: Blackwell, 1962.  (ANXA) Z2509.S5

Spath, Manfred.  Bibliography of articles on East-European and Russian history: selected from English-language periodicals, 1850-1938.  Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 1981.  (SLAV) Z2506.S63

Title is something of a misnomer; many of these articles comment on then-contemporary events.

Spravochniki po istorii dorevoliutsionnoi Rossii: bibliograficheskii ukazatel'.  2. izd.  Red. P. A. Zainchkovskii.  M.: Kniga, 1978.  (F and SLAV) Z2506.S65 1978b


Brang, Peter.  Kommentierte Bibliographie zur slavischen Soziolinguistik.  Bern: Peter Lang, 1981.  3 v.  (F) Z7041.B73

Slavianskaia etnolingvistika: bibliografiia.  M.: In-t slavianovedeniia RAN, 2004.  (SLAV) Z7044.A58 S54 2004

Stankiewicz, Edward, and Dean S. Worth.  A selected bibliography of Slavic linguistics.  The Hague: Mouton, 1966-1970.  2 v.  (F and SLAV) Z7041.S82 1966

Literature: The Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, and the Russian Federation

Belov, S. V.  F. M. Dostoevskii: ukazatel' proizvedenii F. M. Dostoevskogo i literatury o nem na russkom iazyke, 1844-2004.  SPb: Rossiiskaia natsional'naia biblioteka, 2011.  (F) PG3328.B456 2011q

Russkie sovetskie pisateli-poety: biobibliograficheskii ukazatel'.  M.: Kniga, 1977-  27 v. (ongoing).  (SLAV) Z2505.P7 R87

Russkie sovetskie pisateli-prozaiki: biobibliograficheskii ukazatel'.  L.: Gos. publich. b-ka im. M. E. Saltykova-Shchedrina, 1959-1972.  7 v.  (SLAV) Z2503.L4

Literature: Eastern Europe

Hanus, Ignac Jan.  Quellenkunde und Bibliographie der bohmisch-slovenischen Literaturgeschichte vom Jahre 1348-1868.  Prag: Bohm. Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften, 1868.  (SLAV) Z2138.L5 H368 1868

Kunc, Jaroslav.  Ceska literarni bibliografie, 1945-1963.  Praha: Statni knihovna CSSR, 1963-1968.  (F and SLAV) Z2138.L5 K863 1963

Covers books and periodical articles on specific authors and works from the tile period; arranged by subject author.

Polska bibliografia literacka.  Wroclaw: Zaklad. im. Ossolinskich, 1958-1988.  (F) Z2528.L5 P657q

PUL owns retrospective issue 1944/1945 to 1988 with some gaps.

Philosophy and Religion

Kel'ner, Viktor Efimovich.  Literatura o evreiakh na russkom iazyke 1890-1947: knigi, broshiury, ottiski statei: bibliograficheskii ukazatel'.  SPb: Akademicheskii proekt, 1995.  (F and SLAV) Z6366.K446 1995

Rutberg, N. I.  Evrei i evreiskii vopros v literature sovetskogo perioda: khronologichesko-tematicheskii ukazatel' literatury, izdannoi za 1917-1991 gg. na russkom iazyke.  M.: Grant", 2000.  (SLAV) Z2503.5.J4 R88 2000