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Russia, Eastern Europe, and Eurasia: A Research Guide: Bibliographies of Bibliographies

About Bibliographies of Bibliographies

Bibliographies of bibliographies list bibliographies about a particular discipline.  They may include, in addition to separately published bibliographies, bibliographical articles (such as literature reviews) in journals and substantial bibliographies included in books about other topics.  They can be a great starting place for research.

General Area

Croucher, Murlin.  Slavic studies: a guide to bibliographies, encyclopedias, and handbooks.  Wilmington, Del.: Scholarly Resources, 1993.  2 v.  (F and DR and SLAV) Z2483.S554 1993

First volume covers Bulgaria, the former Czechoslovakia, and Poland; second volume covers the former Soviet Union and the former Yugoslavia.

The Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, the Russian Federation, and the CIS

Andreeva, N. F.  Russkaia periodicheskaia pechat': (obshchie i otraslevye bibliograficheskie ukazateli, 1703-1975): annotirovanyi ukazatel'.  M.: Kniga, 1977.  (SLAV) Z2491 A1 A54

Covers general and specialized serials bibliographies published from 1703 to 1975.

Bibliografiia bibliografii Rossii: annotirovannyi ukazatel' bibliograficheskikh posobii, 1992-1996 gg.  Red. M. A. Mamontov.  SPb: Rossiiskaia natsional'naia biblioteka, 2005.  (SLAV and RCPPA) Z2491.A1 B49 2005

Covers bibliographies of bibliographies published in Russia between 1992 and 1996.

Bibliografiia sovetskoi bibliografii.  Moskva: Izd-vo vsesoiuznoi knizhnoi palaty, 1939-1991.  (F) Z2491.A1 V75

Issued in serial format.  PUL's print holdings cover 1955 and 1958 to 1990.

Bodnarskii, Bogdan S.  Bibliografiia russkoi bibliografii: bibliograficheskaia literatura.  M.: Izd-vo zhur. "Bibliograficheskie izvestiia." 1918-1930.  (ANXA) Z2491.A1 B6

Includes bibliographies published between 1913 and 1925 and in 1929.

Guide to Soviet bibliographies: a selected list of references.  Ed. John T. Dorosh.  New York: Greenwood Press, 1968.  (SLAV) Z1002.U584 1968

Kandel, B. L.  Otechestvennye ukazateli bibliograficheskikh posobii.  Leningrad : Gos. publichnaia biblioteka im. M.E. Saltykova-Shchedrina, 1989.  (F) Z1002.K28 1989

Katalogi izdatel'skie, knigotorgovye, bibliotechnye (1917-1929): ukazatel'.  SPb: Izd-vo Russkogo Khristianskogo gumanitarnogo in-ta, 1996.  (SLAV) Z2493.K38 1996

Maichel, Karol.  Guide to Russian reference books.  Stanford, Calif.: Hoover Institution, 1962-  (F) Z2491.M25

Volume 1 covers bibliographies and reference books.

Mashkova, M. V., i M. V. Sokurova.  Obshchie bibliografii russkikh periodicheskikh izdanii, 1703-1954, i materialy po statistike russkoi periodicheskoi pechati: annotirovannyi ukazatel'.  Bibliografiia russkoi bibliografii.  L.: Gos. publich. b-ka im. M. E. Saltykova-Shchedrina, 1956.  (F and SLAV) Z2491.A1 G678 1956

Nitkina, Nina Vasil'evna.  Guide to bibliographies of Russian periodicals and serial publications, 1728-1985.   Commack, N.Y. : Nova Science Publishers, 1993.  (SLAV) Z6293.N58 1993

Simmons, J. S. G.  Russian bibliography, libraries, and archives: a selected list of bibliographical references for students of Russian history, literature, political, social, and philosophical thought, theology, and linguistics.  Twickenham: Anthony C. Hall, 1973.  (SLAV and ANXA) Z2491.A1 S54

Sokurova, M. V.  Obshchie bibliografii russkikh knig grazhdanskoi pechati, 1708-1955: annotirovannyi ukazatel'.  Bibliografiia russkoi bibliografii.  L.: Gos. publich. b-ka im. M. E. Saltykova-Shchedrina, 1956.  (SLAV) Z2491.A1 G678 1956b

Zalewski, Wojciech.  Fundamentals of Russian reference work in the humanities and social sciences.  New York : Russica Publishers, 1985.  (SLAV and RCPPA) Z2491.A1 Z3 1985

Zdobnov, N. V.  Istoriia russkoi bibliografii do nachala XX veka.  3-oe izd.  M.: Kul'tprosvetizdat, 1955.  (RCPPA) 0109.993.11

Zdobnov, Nikolai Vasilevich.  Sinkhronisticheskie tablitsy russkoi bibliografii, 1700-1928, so spiskom vazhneishikh bibliograficheskikh trudov; materialy dlia istorii russkoi bibliografii.  Moskva : Izd-vo Vsesoiuznoi knizhnoi palaty, 1962.  (SLAV) Z2491.A1 Z37 1962a

Eastern Europe


Czerny, Robert.  Einfuhrung in die tschechoslowakische Bibliographie bis 1918: praktische Ubersicht der Informationsquellen.  Baden-Baden: V. Koerner, 1971.  (F) Z2131.C947 1971

Lehovcova, H.  Soupis ceskych bibliografii za roky 1951-1955.  Praha: Statni knihovna CSSR, 1964.  (SLAV) Z2131.A1 L446 1964

Bibliography of Czech-language bibliographies published between 1951 and 1955.

Soupis ceskych bibliografii.  Praha: Narodni knihovna, 1956-1993.  (F) Z2131.A1 S687

Ceska narodna bibliografie.  Soupis bibliografii.  Praha: Narodni knihovna Ceske republiky, 1995-  (F) Z2131.A1 S6

Continuation of above; issued as a serial.  PUL's print holdings cover 1956 to 1996 with some gaps.

Bibliografia slovenskych bibliografii.  Martin: Matica slovenska, 1961-  (F) Z2133.xB52

Issued as a serial.  PUL's print holdings cover 1975 and 1977 to 1981, as well as a 1967 retrospective issue that covered 1960.

Malec, Karel.  Soupis bibliografii novin a casopisu vydavanych na uzemi Ceskoslovenske republiky.  Praha: Orbis, 1959.  (SLAV and ANXA) Z2131.A1 M354 1959

Covers serials bibliographies published from 1803 to 1958.


Hahn, Wiktor.  Bibliografia bibliografij polskich.  3rd ed., rev. Henryk Sawoniak.  Wroclaw: Zakad Narodowy im. Ossolinskich, 1966.  (RCPPA) Z2521.A1 H3 1966

Covers bibliographies published before 1951.

Sawoniak, Henryk.  Bibliografia bibliografii polskich, 1951-1960.  Wroclaw: Zaklad Narodowy im. Ossolinskich, 1967.  (F) Z2521.A1 S3 1967b

Continues above publication to 1960.

Bibliografia bibliografii i nauki o ksiazce.  Warszawa: Biblioteka Narodowa, 1947-1980.  (F) Z2521.B535

Bibliography of bibliographies on all subjects, as well as books on library science; issued as a serial.  After 1980, the bibliography of bibliographies and the bibliography of books on library science split into two periodicals.  PUL's print holdings cover 1960, 1962 to 1970, and 1972 to 1980, as well as the special 1965 retrospective issue that covered the years 1937-1944.

Bibliografia bibliografii polskich.  Warszawa: Biblioteka Narodowa, 1981-  (F) Z2521.A1 B52

Continuation of the above periodical, focusing specifically on bibliographies of bibliographies.  PUL's print holdings cover 1981 to 2007.


Bibliografija jugoslovenskih bibliografija, 1945-1955.  Beograd: Bibliografski institut FNRJ, 1958.  (RCPPA) Z1002.xB5687

Bibliografija jugoslovenskih bibliografija, 1956-1960.  Beograd: Jugoslovenski bibliografski institut, 1975.  (RCPPA) Z1002.B5688

Continuation of the above publication.

Terry, Garth M.  Yugoslav studies: an annotated list of basic bibliographies and reference works.  London: A. C. Hall, 1977.  (SLAV) Z2951.T47