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Russia, Eastern Europe, and Eurasia: A Research Guide: Serials Bibliographies

About Serials Bibliographies

Serials bibliographies list journals, newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals.  While they provide publication information, they do not index the contents of the serials.  For information on the articles published within the journals, please consult an index or a database (see Journal Articles).

The Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, the Russian Federation, and the CIS


Lisovskii, N. M.  Russkaia periodicheskaia pechat' 1703-1900 gg.  Bibliografiia i grafticheskie tablitsy.  Leipzig: Zentralantiquariat der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik, 1965.  (SLAV) Z6956.R9 L39 1965q

Reprint of the 1915 edition, originally published in Petrograd by G. A. Shumaker.  First part is a bibliography of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Russian periodicals; second part is a set of statistical tables.

Lisovskii, N. M.  Russkaia periodicheskaia pechat' 1703-1900 gg.: (materialy dlia istorii russkoi zhurnalistiki).  M.: Lit. obozrenie, 1995.  2 v.  (SLAV) Z6956.R9 L58 1995

Abridged edition of the first part of above work.  Reprint of an edition published in Petrograd in 1915 by Akts. obshch. tip. diela.

Bibliografiia periodicheskikh izdanii Rossii, 1901-1916.  Pod obshchei red. V. M. Barashenkova.  L.: Gos. publich. b-ka im. M. E. Saltykova-Shchedrina, 1958-1961.  4 v.  (SLAV) Z6956.R9 L353 1958

Il'inskii, L. K.  Spisok povremennykh izdanii za 1917 god.  Petrograd: Voennaia tip., 1919-1922.  2 v.  (SLAV) Z6956.R8 I456 1919

Covers periodicals (including newspapers) published during the years 1917 and 1918.

Periodicheskaia pechat' SSSR, 1917-1949: bibliograficheskii ukazatel'.  M.: Vsesoiuznaia knizhnaia palata, 1955-1963.  10 v.  (RCPPA) 0404.947

Does not include newspapers.

Gazety SSSR, 1917-1960: bibliograficheskii spravochnik.  M.: Kniga, 1970-1984.  5 v.  (F) Z6956.R8 G394 1970

Only lists newspapers.

Letopis' periodicheskikh izdanii SSSR.  M.: Izd-vo Vsesoiuznoi knizhnoi palaty, 1933-1975.  (SLAV) Z6956.R9 xL362

Letopis' periodicheskikh i prodolzhaiushchikhsia izdanii.  M.: Kniga, 1975-  (F) Z6956.R9 xL362

National serials bibliography of the Soviet Union.  Cumulative volumes released every five years, each comprising two parts: one listing journals and one listing newspapers.  Princeton owns 1955 to 1990 with some gaps.

Letopis' periodicheskikh izdanii SSSR.  Novye, pereimenovannye, i prekrativskhiesia zhurnaly i gazety.  M.: Izd-vo vsesoiznoi knizhnoi palaty, 1950-1970.

Letopis' periodicheskikh i prodolzhaiushchikhsia izdanii SSSR.  Novye, pereimenovannye, i prekrashchennye izdaniem zhurnaly i gazety.  M.: Kniga, 1971-  (SLAV) Z6956.R9 xL3261

This annual, listing new, renamed, and discontinued serials from the year in review, split off from the national serials bibliography in 1950.  Princeton owns 1986 to 2011 with some gaps.  Princeton's policy is to discard this serial once it is superseded by the cumulative volumes above, which describe any changes that occur during the five-year periods they cover.

Letopis' periodichsikh izdanii SSSR.  Trudy, uchenye zapiski, sborniki.  M.: Izd-vo vsesoiuznoi knizhnoi palaty, 1955-1970.  (SLAV) Z6956.R9 xL363

Letopis' periodicheskikh i prodolzhaiushchikhsia izdanii.  Biulleteni.  M.: Kniga, 1972-  (SLAV) Z6956.R9 L365

Letopis' periodicheskikh i prodolzhaiushchikhsia izdanii.  Sborniki.  M.: Kniga, 1971-  (SLAV) Z6956.R9 xL364

This annual publication, listing reports, scholarly publications, and other such serial publications, split off from the national serials bibliography in 1955.  It then divided into two publications, one a biennial covering bulletins and the other an annual covering collected works.  Princeton owns 1962 to 1969/1970 of the original publication with some gaps.  PUL's print holdings cover 1971/1972 to 1977/1980 and 1986/1990 of the "Biulleteni" bibliography and 1971 to 1986/1990 of the "Sborniki" bibliography.


Horecky, Paul, and Robert G. Carlton.  The USSR and Eastern Europe: periodicals in Western languages.  Washington, D.C.: Library of Congress, 1967.  (F and SLAV) Z2483.U5 1967

Annotated bibliography of Western European-language serials on the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe (the Slavic countries, Albania, the Baltic countries, Hungary, and Romania.  Focus on periodicals that were then current, with brief section on defunct periodicals.

Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia


Roubik, Frantisek.  Casopisectvo v Cechach v letech 1848-1862.  Praha: Duch novin, 1930.  (F) PN5168.B7 R7 1930

Roubik, Frantisek.  Bibliografie casopisectva v Cechach z let 1863-1895.  Praha: Nakl. Ceske akad. ved a umeni, 1936.  (F and SLAV) Z6956.C9 R68 1936

These two bibliographies cover serials in Bohemia from 1848 to 1895.


Wurmova, Milada.  Soupis moravskych novin a casopisu z let 1848-1918.  Brno: Krajske nakl., 1955.  (F) Z6956.M6 W8 1955

Covers Moravian periodicals from 1848 to 1918.

Kubicek, Jaromir.  Bibliografie novin a casopisu na Morave a ve Slezsku v letech 1918-1945.  Brno: Statni vedecka knihovna, 1989.  (ANXA) Z6956.C9 K8

Covers periodicals in Moravia and Silesia from 1918 to 1945.  (See also below for Polish serials bibliographies.)


Potemra, Michal.  Bibliografia slovenskych novin a casopisov do roku 1918.  Martin: Matica slovenska, 1958.  (SLAV) Z6956.S56 S568 zv. 1a

Potemra, Michal.  Bibliografia inorecovych novin a casopisov na Slovensku do roku 1918.  Martin: Matica slovenska, 1963.  (SLAV) Z6956.S56 S568 zv. 1b

These two bibliographies cover periodicals published in Slovakia to the end of the First World War; the first focusing on Slovak-language publications and the second on non-Slovak-language publications.

Kipsova, Maria.  Bibliografia slovenskych a inorecovych novin a casopisov z rokov 1919-1938.  Martin: Matica slovenska, 1968.  (SLAV) Z6956.S56 S568 zv. 2

Continuation of the above bibliographies through 1938, covering both Slovak and foreign-language publications.

Janu, Marta.  Bibliografia casopisov a novin vychadzajucich na Slovensku v rokoch 1961-1965.  Martin: Matica slovenska, 1971.  (F) Z6956.S56 J368 1971

Bibliography of Slovak periodicals for the years 1916 to 1965.



Wepsiec, Jan.  Polish serial publications 1953-1962: an annotated bibliography.  Chicago: SL, 1964.  (ANXA) Z2523.W4

Bibliography of Polish serials, including monographic series, almanacs, and yearbooks.  In English; all materials surveyed in Polish.


Wepsiec, Jan.  Polish American serial publications, 1842-1966: an annotated bibliography.  Chicago: SL, 1968.  (F) Z6953.5.P7 W4 1968

Bibliography of Polish-American periodicals.  In English; covers materials in Polish and in English.

Kowalik, Jan.  Bibliografia czasopism polskich wydanych poza granicami Kraju od wrzesnia 1939 roku = World index of Polish periodicals published outside of Poland since September 1939.  Lublin: Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski, 1976-1988.  (F) Z6956.P7 K59

Bibliography of Polish serials published abroad.  In English; covers materials in a variety of languages, mainly in Polish.