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Russia, Eastern Europe, and Eurasia: A Research Guide: National Bibliographies

About National Bibliographies

A national bibliography is an official publication in which all the books (or journals, maps, music scores, etc.) issued within a particular country are listed.  This page lists national bibliographies of books and dissertations.  For national bibliographies of serials, please see Serials Bibliographies.

The Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, and the Russian Federation


Spisok knig, vyshedshikh v Rossii v ... godu.  SPb: Tip. Ministerstva vnutrennukh diel, 1886-1907.  (F) Z2491.A35

First national bibliography of the Russian Empire.  PUL's print holdings cover 1886 to 1895 (1892 is January-June only).

Knizhnaia lietopis' (Knizhnaia letopis', 1918-1977).  M.: Various issuing bodies, 1907-1977.  (F) Z2491.K559  (FILM) MICROFILM S00322

Knizhnaia letopis'.  Osnovnoi vypusk.  M.: Various issuing bodies, 1978-1992.  (F) Z2491.K559

Knizhnaia letopis'.  M.: Izd-vo "Knizhnaia palata," 1993-  (RCPPA) Z2491.K5

Knizhnaia letopis'.  (Available via East View's Universal Database of Russian National Bibliography.)

National bibliography from 1907 to the present.  PUL's print holdings cover 1907 to 2005 with some gaps.  PUL's microfilm holdings cover 1946 to 1958.  The electronic version covers 1998 to the present.  The annual index for issues to 1992 is in Firestone at Z2491.K5595 (with some gaps); the annual index for issues from 1993 to 2005 is in ReCAP at Z2491.K712.

Knizhnaia letopis'.  Dopolnitel'nyi vypusk.  M.: Izd-vo "Knizhnaia palata," 1962-1980.  (F) Z2491.K5596

Knizhnaia letopis'.  Dopolnitel'nyi vypusk.  Knigi i broshiury.  M.: Kniga, 1981-1992.  (F) Z2491.K5596 and (FILM) MICROFICHE 1405

Knizhnaia letopis'.  Dopolnitel'nyi vypusk.  Avtoreferaty dissertatsii.  M.: Kniga, 1981-1992.  (FILM) MICROFICHE 1822 and MICROFILM S01202

Letopis' avtoreferatov dissertatsii.  M.: Izd-vo "Knizhnaia palata," 1993-  (FILM) MICROFILM S01202

Letopis' avtoreferatov dissertatsii.  (Available via East View's Universal Database of Russian National Bibliography.)

Monthly supplement to above publication.  Split in 1981 into two publications, one covering books and pamphlets and one covering dissertation abstracts.  Supplement covering books and pamphlets ceased in 1992; supplement covering dissertation abstracts was converted into periodical Letopis' avtoreferatov dissertatsii.

PUL's print holdings cover 1962 and 1967 to 1980; the "Knigi i broshiury" supplement is covered from 1981 to 1985 and 1990 to 1992 with some gaps.  PUL's microfilm and microfiche holdings cover the "Knigi i broshiury" supplement from 1986 to 1989 and the "Avtoreferaty dissertatsii" supplement from 1981 to 1992; the Letopis' avtoreferatov dissertatsii is covered from 1993 to the penultimate issue of 2004.  The electronic version covers 1998 to the present.  The annual index for the general supplement and for the "Knigi i broshiury" supplement is in Firestone at Z2491.K5597 (with some gaps).

Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia


Bibliograficky katalog.  Praha: Melantrich, 1922-1928.  (F) Z2133.B535

Bibliograficky katalog Ceskoslovenske republiky.  Prague: SN, 1933-1949.  (F) Z2133.B5353

1937-1945: 2 parts (A. Knihy ceske; B. Hudebniny).

1946-1949: 3 parts (A. Knihy ceske; B. Knihy slovenske; C. Hudebniny).

The first national bibliography of then-Czechoslovakia, which included Czech-language books, Slovak-language books, and musical scores.  PUL's print holdings cover 1922 to 1928 and 1936 to 1947.  After reorganization in 1950, the individual parts covering languages and formats were converted into their own publications.


Ceska kniha.  Praha: Narodni knihovna, 1951.  (RCPPA) Z2131.C437

Bibliograficky katalog CSR.  Ceska kniha.  Praha: Narodni knihovna, 1952-1954.  (ANXA) Z2131.C437 

Bibliograficky katalog CSR.  Ceske knihy.  Praha: Narodni knihovna, 1955-1960.  (ANXA) Z2131.C437

Bibliograficky katalog CSSR.  Ceske knihy.  Praha: Narodni knihovna, 1960-1989.  (ANXA) Z2131.C437

Bibliograficky katalog CSFR.  Ceske knihy.  Praha: Narodni knihovna, 1990-1992.  (ANXA) Z2131.C437

Narodni bibliografie Ceske republiky.  Knihy.  Praha: Narodni knihovna, 1993.  (ANXA) Z2131.C437

Ceska narodni bibliografie.  Knihy.  Praha: Narodni knihovna, 1994-  (ANXA) Z2131.C437

National bibliography of Czech-language books.  PUL's print holdings cover 1951 to 1999 with some gaps.


Slovenske knihy.  Martin: Various publishers, 1951-1969.  (F) 2124.S56 S53

Slovenska narodna bibliografia: Seria A: Knihy.  Martin: Matica slovenska, 1970-  (F and RCPPA) Z2124.S56 xS5

National bibliography of Slovak-language books.  PUL's print holdings cover 1951 to 1989 with some gaps.


Ceskoslovenske disertace.  Praha: Narodni knihovna, -1978.  (F) Z5055.C917 C46

Ceske disertace.  Praha: Narodni knihovna, 1979-1988.  (F) Z5055.C917 C46

Bibliograficky katalog CSFR.  Ceske disertace a autoreferaty.  Praha: Narodni knihona, 1989-  (F) Z5055.C917 C46

PUL's print holdings cover 1964, 1971 to 1986, and 1988 to 1989 with some gaps.



Przewodnik bibliograficzny.  Warszawa: Biblioteka Narodowa, Instytut Bibliograficzny, 1945-  (ANXA) Z2523.P93

Przewodnik bibliograficzny.

National bibliography of Poland.  PUL's print holdings cover 1957 to 2009 with some gaps.  The electronic version covers 2009 to the present.

Polonica zagraniczne: bibliografia.  Warszawa: Biblioteka Narodowa, 1960-

Bibliography of books, serials, and journal articles relating to Poland but published outside Poland.  Part of the Polish national bibliography.  Covers works in all languages, including Polish.  The electronic version covers 2007 to 2008.


Katalog rozpraw doktorskich i habilitacyjnych.  Warszawa: Panstwowe Wydawn. Naukowe, 1961-1974.  (RCPPA) 0406.512

Annual bibliography of dissertations accepted for degree, published by the Polish Ministry of Education.  PUL's print holdings cover 1962 to 1974.

Yugoslavia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, and Serbia


Jugoslovenska bibliografija.  Beograd: Direkcija za informacije Vlade FNRJ, 1949-1950.  5 v.  (RCPPA) Z2953.J78

Listing of all books published in the territory of the former Yugoslavia from 1945 to 1949.

Bibliografija Jugoslavije.  Knjige, brosure i muzikalije.  Beograd: Bibliografiski institut FNRJ, 1950-2002.  (ANXA) Z2951.B37

National bibliography of the former Yugoslavia; issued in serial format.  Covers books, pamphlets, and musical scores.  PUL's print holdings cover 1950 to 1991 with some gaps.

Guides to the National Bibliographies

Gosudarstvennaia bibliografiia SSSR: spravochnik.  2-e pererab. i dop. izd.  Sost. I. B. Gracheva i V. N. Frantskevich.  M.: Kniga, 1967.  (SLAV) Z2492.5.G7 1967

Semenovker, B. A.  Retrospektivnaia gosudarstvennaia bibliogteka SSSR: spravochnik.  M.: Knizhnaia palata, 1990.  (SLAV) Z2492.5.S45

Sukhorukova, E. M.  Gosudarstvennaia bibliografiia: istoriia i sovremennoe sostoianie: uchebnoe posobie.  M.: MGUP, 2009.  (SLAV) Z2492.5.S85 2009

Tekushchie bibliograficheskie izdaniia knizhnykh palat i ikh ispol'zovanie: spravochnoe izdanie.  Sost. I. I. Reshetinskii.  M.: Kniga, 1981.  (F) Z2491.A1 R47 1981

Whitby, Thomas J., and Tanja Lorkovic.  Introduction to Soviet National Bibliography.  Littleton, Colo.: Libraries Unlimited, 1979.  (RCPPA) Z2492.5.W47

Includes translation of Gracheva and Frantskevich, above.