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Russia, Eastern Europe, and Eurasia: A Research Guide: Dictionaries


  • Russian
  • East, West, and South Slavic
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Finding Dictionaries in the PUL Catalog

The quickest and most precise way to find monolingual dictionaries in the Main Catalog is to search [Name of desired language] language--Dictionaries by SUBJECT.  For example:

Russian language--Dictionaries

To find a one-way bilingual dictionary (one in which definitions are given in one language for terms in another), search [Name of desired language for terms] language--Dictionaries--[Name of desired language for definitions].  For example:

Polish language--Dictionaries--English

If you are looking for a two-way bilingual dictionary, be sure to look at the 'long view' of the record and make sure that there are two subject terms.  For example, a Russian-English/English-Russian dictionary will have both Russian language--Dictionaries--English and English language--Dictionaries--Russian as subjects.

This page provides information on some of the best dictionaries available at Princeton in Slavic, Eastern European, and Eurasian languages.  Each entry also provides information on the most recent two-way bilingual dictionaries available in that language.  In addition, you can find here a list of specialized dictionaries that provide a chronological or subject-specific focus- for example, on the seventeenth-century Russian language or on geographic terms.  For more specialized dictionaries, search [Subject you're interested in]--Dictionaries--[Language you're interested in] by SUBJECT in the Main Catalog, or browse the Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies Graduate Study Room.

Note: the official library term for Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian remains Serbo-Croatian.



The stature of the eminent lexicographer V. I. Dal' may be compared to that of Dr. Samuel Johnson in Britain or Noah Webster in the US.  His Tolkovyi slovar' zhivogo velikorusskogo iazyka, originally published from 1863 to 1865 in four volumes, was the greatest dictionary of pre-revolutionary Russia.  Princeton owns the fourth corrected and enlarged edition ([SLAV] and [RCPPA] PG26265.xD316 1970z).

The four-volume Slovar' russkogo iazyka, published by the Akademiia nauk SSSR (and later by the Rossiiskaia akademiia nauk), has been considered an authoritative source on the Russian written language since the date of its first publication.

First edition (1957-1961): (F and RCPPA) PG2625.A4 1957

Second edition (1981-1984): (F) PG2625.S55 1981

The fourth edition (1999) can be found online in the Fundamental'naia elektronnaia biblioteka as the Malyi akademicheskii slovar'.

The standard one-volume dictionary of the Russian language since the Soviet era has been S. I. Ozhegov's Slovar' russkogo iazyka.  The latest editions, which were published under the editorship of N. Iu. Shvedova, can be found in Firestone (PG2625.O9 1988), ReCAP (PG2625.O9 1989), and the Slavic Graduate Study Reading Room (PG2625.O93 1995).

Try the Yandex Dictionaries site for quick monolingual-dictionary, bilingual-dictionary, and encyclopedia reference (for more on the bilingual dictionary, see below).

Bilingual <-->:

A good bilingual dictionary based on American English usage is Kenneth Katzner's English-Russian, Russian-English Dictionary (New York: Wiley).

First edition (1983): (F) PG2640.K34 1983

Second edition (1994): (RCPPA) PG2640.K34 1994

The Yandex Dictionaries page offers bilingual Russian-English, Russian-German, Russian-French, Russian-Italian, Russian-Spanish, Russian-Latin, Russian-Ukrainian, and Russian-Kazakh search.

LEXILOGOS also has an extensive Russian-Kyrgyz dictionary.

East, West, and South Slavic



The standard work (co-created by Croatian and Serbian scholars) is the Rjecnik hrvatskosrpskoga knjizevnog jezika (Zagreb; Novi Sad: Matica hrvatska; Matica srpska, 1967-1976) (SLAV and RCPPA) PG1374.R55 1967

Two dictionaries focusing on the variations between the various forms of BCS are:

Hrvatsko-srpski rjecnik inacica i srpsko-hrvatski recnik varijanata (Novi Sad: Prometej, 2010) (F) PG1374.C55 2010 (note the differing spellings)

Razlikovni rjecnik srpskog i hrvatskog jezika (Zagreb: Skolske novine, 1991) (SLAV) PG1374.B762 1991


BCS and English: Standardni englesko-srpskohrvatski, srpskohrvatsko-engleski recnik: recnik bosanskog, hrvatskog, i srpskog standarda (New York: Cambridge University Press, 1998) (FNC) PG1376.B43 1998

BCS and Russian: Slovar' russkogo i serbskokhorvatskogo iazykov (Beograd: Naucna knjiga, 1963) (RCPPA) PG1378.M675 1963



The standard work is the multi-volume Slovnik spisovneho jazyka ceskeho (Praha: Nakl. ceskoslovenske akad. ved.).

First edition (1960-1971): (SLAV) PG4625.S553 1960

Second edition (1989): (RCPPA) PG4625.S553 1989

Bilingual (<-->)

Czech and English: Anglicko-cesky, cesko-anglicky velky slovnik (Brno: Lingea, 2010) (SLAV) PG4640.A545 2010 and Czech practical dictionary: Czech-English/English-Czech (New York: Hippocrene Books, 2011) (DR) PG4640.K86 2011

Czech and Russian: Rusko-cesky a cesko-rusky slovnik (Praha: Statni pedagogicke nakl., 1987) (RCPPA) PG4647.R8 S65 1987



The standard work is the multi-volume Slownik jezyka polskiego  (Warszawa: Wyd. Naukowe PWN).

First edition (ed. Witold Doroszewski; 1958-1969): (RCPPA) PG6625.S48 1958

New edition (ed. Mieczyslaw Szymczak; 1978-1981): (F) PG6625.S523

Seventh edition (ed. Mieczyslaw Szymczak; 1992): (SLAV) PG6625.S523 1992

Bilingual (<-->)

Polish and English: Cambridge learners' dictionary = Slownik angielsko-polski, polsko-angielski (Cambridge, New York: Cambridge University Press, 2011) (DR) PG6640.C36 2011 and Polish-English, English-Polish dictionary (New York: Hippocrene Books, 2009) (F) PG6640.F57 2009



The standard work is the multi-volume Slovnik slovenskeho jazyka (Bratislava: Vyd. SAV, 1959-1968) (SLAV) PG5375.S55 1959

Bilingual (<-->)

Slovak and English: Anglicko-slovensky a slovensko-anglicky vreckovy slovnik (Bratislava: Slovenske pedagogicke nakl., 1991) (ANXA) PG5379.A82 1991

Slovak and Russian: Karmannyi slovatsko-russkii i russko-slovatskii slovar' (M.: Sov. entsiklopediia, 1971) (RCPPA) PG5381.R8 K3 1971)



The standard work is the eleven-volume Slovnyk ukrains'koi movy (Kyiv: Naukova dumka, 1970-1980) (F) PG3888.S568 1970

Bilingual (<-->)

Ukrainian and English: English-Ukrainian dictionary, Ukrainian-English dictionary (Kyiv: Femina, 1995) (SLAV) PG3891.E53 1995

Ukrainian and Russian: Rosiis'ko-ukrains'kyi i ukrains'ko-rosiis'kyi slovnyk (Kyiv: Feniks, 1992) (SLAV) PG3893.R8 G28 1992

Specialized Dictionaries


To the 17th Century:

Reczek, Stefan.  Podreczny slownik dawnej polszczyny.  Wroclaw: Zaklad narodowy im. Ossolinskich, 1968.  (SLAV) PG6625.R4 1968

Slovar' drevnerusskogo iazyka.  Glav. red. R. I. Avanesov.  M.: Russkii iazyk, 1988-  (SLAV) PG2742.S66

Slovar' russkogo iazyka XI-XVII vv.  Glav. red. S. G. Barkhudarov.  M.: Nauka, 1975-  (SLAV) PG2742.S5

Slovnyk staroukrains'koi movy XIV-XV st.  Kyiv: Naukova dumka, 1978.  (SLAV) PG3893.2 S6

Slovnyk ukrains'koi movy XVI-pershoi polovyny XVII st.  L'viv: In-t ukrainoznavstva im. I. Krypiakevycha, 1994-  (RCPPA) PG3899.5 Z5 S568 1994

Ukrains'ko-rosiiskyi slovnyk pochatku XVII-ho viku.  Winnipeg: Nakl. ukrains'koi vil'noi akad. nauk, 1951.  (RCPPA) 3013.862 no. 11-22

18th and 19th Centuries:

Baiburin, A. K.  Poluzabytye slova i znacheniia: slovar' russkoi kul'tury XVIII-XIX vv.  SPb; M.: Evropeiskii dom; Znak, 2004.  (SLAV) 2691.B34 2004

Gribble, Charles E.  A short dictionary of 18th-century Russian.  Cambridge, Mass.: Slavica Publishers, 1976.  (SLAV) PG2691.G72

Slovar' russkogo iazyka XVIII veka.  Glav. red. S. G. Barkhudarov.  L.: Nauka, 1984-  (SLAV) PG2691.S66

Soviet Era:

Selishchev, A. M.  Iazyk revoliutsionnoi epokhi: iz nabliudenii nad russkim iazykom (1917-1926).  M: URSS, 2003.  (F) PG2087.S32003

Fessenko, Andrew V.  Russkii iazyk pri Sovetakh.  New York: [S.l.], 1955.  (RCPPA) PG2075.F477 1955

Galler, Meyer.  Soviet prison camp speech: a survivor's glossary.  Madison, Wisc.: The University of Wisconsin Press, 1972.  (RCPPA) PG2752.G355 1972



Pushkarev, S. G.  Dictionary of Russian historical terms from the eleventh century to 1917.  New Haven, Conn.: Yale University Press, 1970.  (SLAV, SH, RCPPA) DK36.P78 1970

Stepanishchev, A. T.  Slovar'-spravochnik po voenno-istoricheskoi terminologii.  M.: Vlados, 2004.  (SLAV) U24.S83 2004


Ashukin, N. S.  Slovar' k p'esam A. N. Ostrovskogo.  M.: Vesta, 1993.  (ANXA) PG3337.O8 Z546 1993

Chuprinin, Sergei.  Russkaia literatura segodnia: zhizn' po poniatiiam.  M.: Vremia, 2007.  (F) PG3027.C48 R87 2007

Ivaniuk, B. P.  Poeticheskaia rech': slovar' terminov.  M.: Flinta; Nauka, 2007.  (SLAV) PG2511.I93 2007 

Literaturnaia entsiklopediia: slovar' literaturnykh terminov.  Red. N. Brodskii.  M.: L. D. Frenkel', 1925.  (F) PN41.L5 1925

Slovar' iazyka Pushkina: v chetyrekh tomakh.  Otv. red. V. V. Vinogradov.  2-e dop. izd.  M.: Azbukovnik, 2000.  (SLAV) PG3350.A3 S56 2000

Slovnyk movy Shevchenka.  Kyiv: Naukova dumka, 1964.  (F and SLAV) PG3948.S5 A333 1964

Bibliographies of Dictionaries

Aav, Yrjo.  Russian dictionaries: dictionaries and glossaries printed in Russia, 1627-1917.  Bibliotheca Slavica 10.  Zug, Switzerland: Inter Documentation Company, 1977.  (SLAV) Z2505.xA19

Aissing, Alena.  Russian dictionaries: selected bibliography, 1960-1990.  Monroe, N. Y.: Library Research Associates, 1991.  (SLAV) Z2505.D6 A38 1991

Kaufman, I. M.  Terminologicheskie slovari: bibliografiia.  M.: Sov. Rossiia, 1961.  (ANXA) Z7004.D5 K3