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Russia, Eastern Europe, and Eurasia: A Research Guide: Data Sets

Resources at Princeton




We now have access to 3 major Barometer series on the Baltics, Russia, and
other parts of Eastern Europe.

Each survey uses a questionnaire with innovative indicators specially
relevant in transition societies: support for democracy and undemocratic
alternatives; corruption; attitudes to enlarging Europe; coping with a
multiplicity of economies, monetized and non-monetized; relative affluence
and destitution; and demographics: age, education, gender, urban/rural
residence, etc. The only ones we have not received yet are the Baltic
ones. They are supposed to come within the next 2 weeks.

These are not in the same family as the heavily used Barometers for
Europea, Africa, Asia, Latin America, etc. but you will find many of the
questions are similar but the particular focus is the transition from
communism to democracies. These were requests from a faculty member.
They have been added to the DSS pages.

All can be found at

The data is in SPSS format.

New Baltic Barometer (1993+) (6 rounds).
Includes Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

New Europe Barometer (1991+) (7 rounds)
Includes Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Bulgaria,

New Russia Barometer (1992+) (18 rounds)
Includes Russia, Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine.