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Russia, Eastern Europe, and Eurasia: A Research Guide: Digital Libraries and Web Resources


  • Digital Libraries
  • Web Portals
  • Image Databases
  • Internet Resources

Digital Libraries

Ceska electronicka knihovna : plnotextova databaze ceske poezie 19. a pocatku 20. stoleti

A freely-accessible, full-text database of Czech poetry of the 19th and early 20th centuries.  Produced by the Institute of Czech Literature of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

Fundamental'naia elektronnaia biblioteka 

FEB-web is a freely-accessible internet repository of primary, secondary, and reference texts on Russian literature from the 11th to 20th centuries.  The selection of texts if extensive and growing, but not yet comprehensive.  As with all such sites, use caution when citing.

Web Portals

Image Databases

The New York Public Library's NYPL Gallery includes thousands of images from prints, books, and historical maps published in Russia and its environs between 1730 and 1935.  Among the notable items are the several series issued by 19th-century collector and scholar, Dimitrii Aleksandrovich Rovinskii. Special collections include:

The Hoover Political Poster Database at the Hoover Institute can be searched by country, artist, year or decade of creation, and subject (use Library of Congress Subject Headings, not keywords).

The Semyon Fridlyand Archive Collection at the University of Denver is a digital archive of over 10,000 photographs of daily life in the Soviet Union (1940s-1980s) taken by the photojournalist and photo editor of Ogonek (the Soviet Union’s version of Life magazine). During his 40-year career, Fridlyand photographed every major event in official Soviet history, from industrialization and collectivization to the battlefields of WWII, and covered the building of a Soviet empire stretching from the Pacific to the Baltic and from the Arctic to the Black Sea. Images cannot be searched individually but can be arranged by title or by date of creation.

The International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam has collections of visual material that can be searched by country of origin, theme, or keyword.  Limit your search using the categories on the right.  The site does not use the LC transliteration scheme.

Internet Resources

Ves' Dostoevskii 

This site offers two valuable digital resources: a complete and searchable concordance to Dostoevskii's complete works and a digitized version of Dostoevskii's copy of the Gospels complete with his notes.  The site was created by one of the foremost Dostoevskii scholars in the world.

Electronic Resources Library of the Moscow State University Lomonosov History Department

A good source for finding digitized primary sources on Russian history.  While the site itself can be navigated in either Russian or English, all sources are in original languages.