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Russia, Eastern Europe, and Eurasia: A Research Guide: Journal Articles


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Selected Articles on Russia and Eurasia

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Finding Journals and Journal Articles in the Princeton University Library

There are many methods of finding scholarly-journal articles at the Princeton University Library.  One of the simplest, and a good method if you're still brainstorming, is to find a journal in your field of interest, whether print or online, and leaf or click through an issue to see what the latest scholarship looks like (or the scholarship of the time in which you're interested).  The latest issues of print journals are kept in the Periodicals Reading Room on A Floor of Firestone Library; they are arranged alphabetically along the outer walls of the room.  (Please note- if you are looking for a journal on the Caucasus or Central Asia, it may be located in PRNE [the Near East Periodicals collection], which is housed separately from the other periodicals.)  For a listing of e-journals held by the Princeton University Library, click here.  Older issues of print journals are bound and moved to the general stacks in Firestone with the books; search the Main Catalog to find where they are located (and you can find e-journals here, too, so you don't have to look in two places to find the same title in print and online).  If you're looking for a journal by title, search by JOURNAL TITLE to get the most precise results; however, searching by plain TITLE will also find journals.  If you want a journal on a particular topic, try typing the name of your topic followed by the word Periodicals and search by SUBJECT.  When searching the Main Catalog for a journal, remember that a journal may have several records depending on whether and how often it has changed its title or its frequency; scroll down below the title to see whether it 'Continues' another journal title or is 'Continued By' another journal title.

Another method of finding scholarly articles is to search an index (print or electronic) or a database for an article on a particular topic- this is the best bet if you've already figured out what you want to research and need something specific.  The rest of this page is a guide to some of the resources that will help you do that at Princeton.  Princeton also has a new search interface, called Articles+, which allows you to search muliple databases at once by keyword.  This is a useful tool, especially if you're looking for something really abstruse, but be aware that you will get many, many results, and many of them will have nothing do to with your topic, so you will have to spend some time narrowing your search for best results.  Using a subject-specific database does some of your narrowing for you, because the database will only contain articles about your chosen field.

If you see an asterisk before the link of an online resource, this signifies that you must be either a member of the Princeton University community and/or using a computer in the Princeton University Library to access this resource.



*American Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies (ABSEES)

This database covers North American scholarship published in scholarly journals on Russia, the NIS, and Central and Eastern Europe.  Until 1994, this was a print index; it is now an EBSCO database, and so offers the opportunity to search other EBSCO databases simultaneously.  All previous print editions are now included in the online version, so there is no need to worry about missing older articles.

*Central and East European Online Library 

CEEOL contains the full text of over two hundred scholarly journals from Central and Eastern Europe.  The availability varies from title to title, with most journals available from about 2002 to the present.  Journals are for the most part in Eastern European languages, with some in English, French, or German.  Can be searched by title, author, or subject, or you can do a keyword search of the records for the articles or of the full text of the articles themselves.  A helpful feature is the author list, which offers possible variant spellings.

*East View Universal Database of Russian Publications 

This service contains the full text of several hundred newspapers and news wires from the Russian Federation, Ukraine, CIS and Baltic states.  Additionally, there are collections of major Russian scholarly journals in the social sciences, humanities, and military and security studies, as well as Russian government publications.  Most of the content is in Russian or Ukrainian, but there is also a large amount of material in English, including the Current Digest of the Russian Press.  The database can be searched in Russian or in English; if the device you are using isn't Russified, you can use the drop-down keyboard provided or, in Advanced Search, transliterate your search terms into the Latin alphabet (use the Library of Congress transliteration table for this, same as in the library catalog).  Searches conducted in English will retrieve only results in English.

               Russian Social Sciences and Humanities Publications

               Use this link to search only scholarly journals in the above database.

               Russian and CIS Statistical Publications

               Use this link to search only statistical publications in the above database.

*ISI Emerging Markets 

ISI Emerging Markets is a source for news, business, financial and legal information from developing countries (including many of those in Eastern Europe and Eurasia) in full text.  Browse by country of interest.  (Princeton does not subscribe to all countries.)

               Garant Legal Database

               Use this link to browse for recent legislation from the Russian Federation.

               Kodeks: Russian Law Database



Includes the full text of several journals on Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies.  Issues from the most recent 2-5 years may not be available.  Searchable and browsable.

*Project Muse 

Project Muse contains only two titles devoted exclusively to Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies, but there is much relevant material in other journals on general literary, historical, and political topics.  Searchable and browsable.



Letopis' zhurnal'nykh statei.  M.: Vsesoiuznaia knizhnaia palata, 1938-  (RCPPA) 04048.582 

Letopis' zhurnal'nykh statei.  (Available via Indiana University's Digital Library Program.)

Letopis' zhurnal'nykh statei.  (Available via East View's Universal Database of Russian National Bibliography.) 

The official index of journal articles published in Soviet and Russian periodicals.  PUL's print holdings cover 1938 to 1995 with some gaps.  Indiana University's electronic version covers 1956 to 1975.  East View's electronic version covers 1998 to the present.

You may also find helpful:

Letopis' gazetnykh statei.  M.: Vsesoiuznaia knizhnaia palata, 1936-  (RCPPA) 04048.581

Letopis' gazetnykh statei.  (Available via East View's Universal Database of Russian National Bibliography.)

The official index of articles published in Soviet and Russian newspapers.  PUL's print holdings cover 1960 to 2005 with some gaps.  The electronic version covers 1998 to the present. 

Letopis' retsenzii.  M.: Vsesoiuznaia knizhnaia palata, 1934-  (FILM) S01335

Letopis' retsenzii.  (Available via East View's Universal Database of Russian National Bibliography.) 

The official index of book, music, and movie reviews published by Soviet and Russian periodicals.  PUL's microfilm holdings cover 1934 to 1938.  The electronic version covers 1998 to the present.

European bibliography of Soviet, East European, and Slavonic studies.  Birmingham: University of Birmingham, 1977-1993.  (SLAV and RCPPA) Z2483.E94

Coverage: 1975-1989.

European bibliography of Slavic and East European studies.  Paris: Institut des etudes slaves, 1994-.  (RCPPA) Z2483.E94q

Coverage: 1990-1994.

European bibliography of Soviet, East European and Slavonic studies.

Coverage: 1991-2007.

This index covers books and articles published on the Soviet Union, Russia, and Eastern Europe in Europe.  It is an index, so the full text of articles is not available.  The electronic version of the index gives the opportunity of checking availability, but this will show you only where the book or journal is held in various European library catalogues- it will not show you whether the title is held by PUL.  Search the electronic version using truncation for best results, since many items in the index are in French or German and personal names, place names, etc. are Romanized according to those languages.  (Truncation symbol is a ?, as in the PUL system; for more on truncation, see Books.)

Terry, Garth.  East European languages and literatures, 1900-.  Oxford; Santa Barbara, Calif.: Clio Press, 1978-.  (DR) Z7043.T472q

A name and subject index of English-language periodicals, conference proceedings, and collected papers from 1900 to 1996.  Note that v. 5, which covers 1988 to 1990, is in Annex A (call no. Z7043.T465 1991).

Ul'ianov, N. A.  Ukazatel' zhurnal'noi literatury: alfavitnyi, predmetnyi, sistematicheskii.  M.: Nauka, 1911-1913.  (F) AI15.U4 1911

Index of several major Russian periodicals from 1896 to 1910.


Bograd, V.  Zhurnal "Otechestvennye zapiski," 1839-1848: ukazatel' soderzhaniia.  M.: Kniga, 1985.  (ANXA) PN5280.O83 B63

_____.  Zhurnal "Otechestvennye zapiski," 1868-1884: ukazatel' soderzhaniia.  M.: Kniga, 1971.  (SLAV and ANXA) PN5280.O85 B6

_____.  Zhurnal "Sovremennik,"  1847-1866: ukazatel' soderzhaniia.  M.: God. izd-vo khurozh. lit-ry, 1959.  (F and SLAV) PN5280.S68 B647 1959

Fundaminskii, M. I., et al.  Gazeta "Sanktpeterburgskie vedomosti" 18. veka.  Ukazateli k soderzhaniiu...  Multiple volumes.  (SLAV) AI21.S273

Powell, Angelika Schmiegelow.  Istoricheskie zapiski: cumulative index (author and subject), volumes 1-90, (1937-1972).  Nendeln: Kraus-Thompson Organization, 1976.  (F) DK1.P694 1976

Zhurnaly "Vestnik literatury" (1919-1922), "Letopis Doma literatorov" (1921-1922), "Literaturnye zapiski" (1922): annotirovannyi ukazatel'.  Otv. red. A. IU. Galushkin.  M.: Nasledie, 1996.  (SLAV) Z2501.Z55 1996


Kuzmin, S. A.  Ukazateli soderzhaniia russkikh dorevoliutsionnykh gazet: bibliograficheskii ukazatel'.  Leningrad: Biblioteka Akademii nauk. SSSR, 1986.  (SLAV and ANXA) Z6293.K89 1986

Masanov, Iu. I.  Ukazateli soderzhaniia russkikh zhurnalov i prodolzhaiushchikhsia izdanii, 1755-1970.  Newtonville, Mass.: Oriental Research Partners, 1979.  (SLAV) Z6956.R9 xM37 1979

Nitkina, Nina Vasil'evna.  Russkaia periodicheskaia pechat': ukazateli soderzhaniia, 1728-1995.  Sankt-Peterburg: Rossiiskaia national'naia biblioteka, 1998.  (SLAV) Z6956.R9 R87 1998

Articles+ at PUL

For an overview of what all Princeton's journals hold on a particular topic, you might want to try our new Articles+ service. Limit your results according to the features on the left.