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Russia, Eastern Europe, and Eurasia: A Research Guide: General and Subject Encyclopedias


  • General Encyclopedias
  • Subject Encyclopedias

Finding Encyclopedias in the PUL Catalog

This page lists some of the general and subject encyclopedias in the Princeton University Library system that pertain to Russia and Eastern Europe.  General encyclopedias attempt to cover the scope of human knowledge, while subject encyclopedias focus on one particular topic and give quick information and guidance for future research.  An attempt has been made to include only completed encyclopedias and encyclopedias that are currently in production.  On occasion, an incomplete encyclopedia has been included because of its historical importance; a note has been added to indicate where the encyclopedia finished.

To find general encyclopedias in the catalog, search Encyclopedias and dictionaries, [desired language] by SUBJECT.  For example,

Encyclopedias and dictionaries, Albanian 

You can find subject encyclopedias in the catalog by searching for a topic by SUBJECT and then scrolling down to look for the word Encyclopedias.  Some of the subjects you might find include:


Moscow (Russia)--Buildings, structures, etc.--Encyclopedias

Islam--Russia (Federation)--Encyclopedias

General Encyclopedias


Malyi entsiklopedicheskii slovar'.  2-e izd.  SPb: Brokgauz-Efron, 1907-1909.  (RCPPA) 3022.212

   Reprint facsimile edition (M.: Terra, 1994): (F) AE55.M359 1994

Novyi entsiklopedicheskii slovar'.  SPb: Brokgauz-Efron, 1911-1916.  (RCPPA) 0987.683

   Never finished because of Revolution.  Last volume ends with 'Otto.'

Bol'shaia entsiklopediia: slovar' obshchedostupnykh svedenii po vsem otrasliam znanii.  SPb: Prosveshchenie, 1900-1909.  (RCPPA) 0987.195


Bol'shaia sovetskaia entsiklopediia.  1-e izd.  M.: Sov. entsiklopediia, 1926-1947.  65 v. + supplementary volume on USSR.  (RCPPA) 0987.194

   Supplementary volume (1947) published separately; second copy: (RCPPA) DK36.B585 1947

Bol'shaia sovetskaia entsiklopediia.  2-e izd.  M.: Bol'shaia sov. entsiklopediia, 1950-1958.  51 v. + 2-v. index.  (SLAV) AE55.B62

   2nd edition updated by an annual supplement, Ezhegodnik Bol'shoi sovetskoi entsiklopedii, which ran from 1957 to 1990: (F) AE55.B64

Bol'shaia sovetskaia entsiklopediia.  3-e izd.  M.: Sov. entsiklopediia, 1970-1981.  30 v. + 1-v. index.  (RCPPA) AE55.B623

   3rd edition was translated into English and published as the Great Soviet Encyclopedia (New York: Macmillan, 1973-1983): (FNC) AE5.B58

Malaia sovetskaia entsiklopediia.  1-e izd.  M.: Sov. entsiklopediia, 1928-1931.  10 v.  (F) AE55.M3 1928

Malaia sovetskaia entsiklopediia.  3-e izd.  M.: Bol'shaia sov. entsiklopediia, 1958-1961.  10 v. + index.  (RCPPA) 0987.612

Sovetskii entsiklopedicheskii slovar'.  4-oe izd, dop. i isprav.  M.: Sov. entsiklopediia, 1989.  (SLAV) AG55.S68 1989

Entsiklopedicheskii slovar' Russkogo bibliograficheskogo in-ta Granat.  M.: Granat, 1910-1948.  (RCPPA) 0987.328

   Partial set.


Bol'shaia rossiiskaia entsiklopediia.  M.: Bol'shaia rossiiskaia entsiklopediia, 2004-  (DR) AE55.B59 2004q

Novyi entsiklopedicheskii slovar'.  M.: Bol'shaia rossiiskaia entsiklopediia, 2004.  (SLAV) AG55.N68 2004


Ottuv slovnik naucny: illustrovana encyklopaedie obecnych vedomosti.  Praha: J. Otto, 1888-1909.  28 v.  (F) AE51.O8 1888

Masarykuv slovnik naucny: lidova encyklopedie vseobecnych vedomosti.  Praha: Ceskoslovensky kompas, 1925-1933.  7 v.  (RCPPA) AE51.M3

Novy velky ilustrovany slovnik naucny.  Praha: Gutenberg, 1929-1934.  20 v.  (F) AE51.N689 1929

Slovensky naucny slovnik.  Prirucna encyklopedia vedomosti v 3 dieloch.  Bratislava: Litevna, 1932.  3 v.  (F) AG60.S58 S6 1932

Prirucni slovnik naucny.  Praha: Ceskoslovenska akad. vied, 1962-1967.  4 v.  (RCPPA) AE51.P7 1962

   PUL owns v. 2-4 only.

Mala slovenska encyklopedia.  Bratislava: Encyclopedicky ustav SAV, 1993.  (SLAV) AE60.S58 M35 1993

Slovnik soucase cestiny.  Brno: Lingea, 2011.  (RCPPA) AE51.S568 2011


Wielka ilustrowana encyklopedja powszechna.  Krakow: Wydawn. "Gutenberga," 1929-1938.  20 v. + 2 suppl. v.  (F) AE53.W545 1900z

   V, 13 devoted entirely to Poland.

Wielka encyklopedia powszechna PWN.  Warszawa: Panstwowe Wydawn. Naukowe, 1962-1970.  12v. + suppl.  (F) AE53.W44

Encyklopedia powszechna PWN.  Warszawa: Panstwowe Wydawn. Naukowe, 1973-1976.  4 v.  (F) AG53.xE5

   PUL owns v. 1-2 and 4 only.

Nowa encyklopedia powszechna PWN.  Warszawa: Wydawn. Naukowe PWN, 1998.  6 v.  (SLAV) AE53.N68 1998


Hrvatska enciklopedija.  Zagreb: Konzorcija Hrvatske enciklopedije, 1941-1945.  5 v.  (F) AE59.H7 1941

   Never completed; last volume ends with 'Elektrika.'

Mala enciklopedija Prosveta: opsta enciklopedija.  Beograd: Prosveta, 1959.  2 v.  (F) AG59.M3 1959

Subject Encyclopedias


Knigovedenie: entsiklopedicheskii slovar'.  Moskva: Sov. entsiklopediia, 1982.  (SLAV) Z118.K65


See the Encyclopedias and Dictionaries page of the Russian and Soviet Cinema LibGuide.


Ceskoslovenska vlastiveda.  Praha: Sfinx, 1929-1936.  10 v.  (F) DB2011.C475 1929

Encyclopedia of Ukraine.  Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1984-1993.  (F) DK508.E613 1984

Enciklopedija Jugoslavije.  Zagreb: Izd. Leksikografskog zavoda FNRJ, 1955-1971.  8 v.  (F) DR304.E5

Enciklopedija Jugoslavije.  2 izd.  Zagreb: Jugoslavenski leksikografski zavod, 1980-1990.  6 v.  (RCPPA) DR1209.E52 1980q

Kratkaia geograficheskaia entsiklopediia.  Glav. red. A. A. Grigor'ev.  M.: Sov. entsiklopediia, 1960-66.  5 v.  (F) G103.K738 1960

McGraw-Hill encyclopedia of Russia and the Soviet Union.  Michael T. Florinsky, ed.  New York : McGraw-Hill, 1961.  (DR and SLAV) DK14.M26

Moskva: entsiklopediia.  M.: Nauch. izd-vo "Bol'shaia rossiiskaia entsiklopediia," 1997.  (SLAV) DK601.5.M6877 1997

Narodna enciklopedija srpsko-hrvatsko-slovenacka.  Zagreb: Bibliografski zavod d.a., 1925-1929.  4 v.  (F) AE59.S72 1925

Slovenska vlastiveda.  Bratislava: Slovenska akad. vied a umeni, 1943-1948.  5 v.  (F) DB2707.S568 1943

Srpska enciklopedija.  Novi Sad; Beograd: Matica srpska; Srpska akademija nauka i umetnosti, 2010-  (F) AE59.S64 2010q

Ukraine: a concise encyclopaedia.  Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1963-1971.  2 v.  (F and SLAV) DK508.U413

USSR facts & figures annual (v. 1-17 [1977-1992]); Russia & Eurasia facts & figures annual (v. 18-28 [1993-2002]).  Gulf Breeze, FL : Academic International Press.  (F) HA1446.U17

Zentralasien: Geschichte, Politik, Wirtschaft: ein Lexikon.  Munchen: C. H. Beck, 2004.  (F) DS327.5.Z45 2004


Grazhdanskaia voina i voennaia interventsiia v SSSR: entsiklopediia.  Moskva: Sov. entsiklopediia, 1983.  (SLAV and RCPPA) DK265.4 G7 1983

The modern encyclopedia of Russian and Soviet history.  Gulf Breeze, Fla.: Academic International Press, 1976-2011.  61 v.  (FNC) DK14.M6

Otechestvennaia voina 1812 goda: entsiklopediia.  M: ROSSPEN, 2004.  (SLAV) DC235.O84 2004

Sovetskaia istoricheskaia entsiklopediia.  Moskva: Sov. entsiklopediia, 1961-1976.  16 v.  (SLAV) D9.S64


Iazyki Rossiiskoi Federatsii i sosednikh gosudarstv: entsiklopediia.  M.: Nauka, 1997-2005.  (SLAV) P381.R8 I26 1997

PUL owns v. 1 (A-I) only.

Russkii iazyk: entsiklopediia.  Moskva: Izd-vo "Bol'shaia rossiiskaia entsiklopediia," 1998.  (F) PG2097.R8 1998


Handbook of Russian literature.  New Haven, Conn.: Yale University Press, 1985.  (F, DR, and SLAV) PG2940.H29 1985

Kratkaia literaturnaia entsiklopediia.  Moskva: Sov. entsiklopediia, 1962-1978,  (F and SLAV) PN41.K738 1962

Literaturnaia entsiklopediia.  Red. kollegiia: P.I. Lebedev-Polianskii et al.  Ann Arbor, Mich.: J. W. Edwards, 1948-1949.  (RCPPA) 3008.5915

   Reprint of work originally published in Moscow by the Izd-vo Kommunisticheskoi Akademii, 1929-1939.

Muzykal'naia entsiklopediia.  Moskva: Sov. entsiklopediia--Sov. kompozitor, 1973-1982.  (MUS) ML100.M98

Slovnik ceske prozy, 1945-1994.  Ostrava: Sfinga, 1994.  (SLAV) Z2138.L5 S57 1994

Teatral'naia entsiklopediia.  Moskva: Sov. entsiklopediia, 1961-1967.  5 v. + index.  (F) PN2035.T438 1961


Entsiklopediia korabli Rossiiskogo imperatorskogo flota 1892-1917 gg.  Minsk: Kharvest, 2000.  (SLAV) VA753.A15 2000q

Sovetskaia voennaia entsiklopediia.  M.: Voenizdat, 1976-1980.  (RCPPA) U24.S72

Soviet military encyclopedia.  Boulder, Colo.: Westview, 1993.  (F) U24.S7213 1993

   An abridged English translation of the above title.

Vojna enciklopedija.  Beograd: Redakcija Vojne enciklopedije, 1958-  (F) U24.V7 1958q

   General encyclopedia of military science, with an emphasis on the military of the former Yugoslav state.


The encyclopedia of Eastern Orthodox Christianity.  Ed. John Anthony McGuckin.  Chichester; Malden, Mass.: Wiley-Blackwell, 2011.  (F) BX230.E53 2011

The encyclopedia of Eastern Orthodox Christianity.

Includes numerous entries on or relating to the Orthodox churches of Armenia, Bulgaria, Russia, and Serbia.

Evreiskaia entsiklopediia.  Svod znanii o evreisme i ego kultur v proshlom i nastoiashchem.  S-Petersburg : Brokgauz-Efron, 1906-1913.  16 v.  (RCPPA) 1793.332

Filosofskii entsiklopedicheskii slovar'.  Moskva: Sov. entsiklopediia, 1989.  (SLAV) B48.R9 F557 1989

Kratkaia evreiskaia entsiklopediia.  Ierusalim: Keter, 1976-2005.  (SLAV) DS102.8 K7

Mify narodov mira : entsiklopediia.  Moskva : "Sovetskaia entsiklopediia," 1980-1982.  (RCPPA) BL303.M53

Rossiiskaia evreiskaia entsiklopediia.  M.: Ross. akad. estestvennykh nauk, 1994-2011.  7 v.  (F) DS135.R9 R67 1994

Russkaia filosofiia: malyi entsiklopedicheskii slovar'.  M.: Nauka, 1995.  (RCPPA) B4201.R877 1995

Zydzi w Polsce: dzieje i kultura: leksykon.  Warszawa: Wydawn. Cyklady, 2001.  (SLAV) DS135.P6 Z9647 2001


Demograficheskii entsiklopedicheskii slovar.  Moskva : Sov. entsiklopediia, 1985.  (RCPPA) HB849.2.D46 1985

Ekonomicheskaia entsiklopediia.  Politicheskaia ekonomiia.  Glav. redaktor Rumiantsev, A.M.  M. : Izd-vo "Sov. entsiklopediia", 1972-1980.  (RCPPA) HB61.E48

Obshchestvennaia mysl' russkogo zarubezh'ia: entsiklopediia.  M.: ROSSPEN, 2009.  (F) DK35.5.O275 2009