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Music Research Guide: Analyzing, Researching & Describing Music

Locate online and print resources, including key databases, catalogs, Web sites, and bibliographies, as well as search strategies, locations, and a wealth of other information about music at Princeton.

The Research Process

Confused about how to start researching a topic? These guides-—both general and music-specific-—offer valuable insite on how to organize your quest, formulate a research topic, determine the most appropriate resources to use, search bibliographies, catalogs, and databases to find resources, and bring it all together into a final product.

Concert Guides and Program Notes

These recent guides to the standard concert repertoire are among the many providing descriptive overviews that are extremely useful when analyzing or writing about musical compositions.

Guides to Analyzing Music

These useful bibliographies point to journal articles and book chapters that analyze particular works of music. If you are writing a paper that includes an analysis of a musical work, these sources are worth a look.