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Music Research Guide: Suggest a Resource & Feedback

Locate online and print resources, including key databases, catalogs, Web sites, and bibliographies, as well as search strategies, locations, and a wealth of other information about music at Princeton.

Suggest a Resource

Know a resource you'd like to see cited in this LibGuide? Please submit the title and link (if a Web site) and briefly explain why you think it should be included in this LibGuide.

If there is a book, score, CD, DVD, or other resource you'd like the Mendel Music Library to acquire, please use the online form for purchase recommendations.


This new Music LibGuide, still very much a work in progress, is intended to be a practical research guide that enhances your access to key music resources and provides helpful tips on their effective use. Thus your comments and suggestions about any aspect of this guide are much appreciated. Needless to say, please notify us of any errors, broken links, and other matters in need of immediate correction. Click here to e-mail your comments and suggestions—and thanks in advance for your interest in this LibGuide!

Music Librarian

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