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Music Research Guide: Finding Books & Scores

Locate online and print resources, including key databases, catalogs, Web sites, and bibliographies, as well as search strategies, locations, and a wealth of other information about music at Princeton.

Where Are They in Mendel?

  • Circulating scores: 1st floor stacks (near copy machine): scores in 3 separate collections by size: study / miniature,  folio (f), and "elephant" (e); 2d floor stacks: oversize (q).
  • Circulating books: 2d floor stacks, in 2 sequences by sizeregular & oversize (q). Note: LC classifications A-L (including GVdance) in separate collection near window; ML-Z in compact shelving area.
  • New books & scores: 1st floor, 3 dedicated shelves in the Reference Collection
  • Reference books: 1st floor, Reference Collection—designated SV (overlooks lobby)
  • Language dictionaries & style manuals: Reading Room, 2d floor
  • Reference scores (complete or critical editions, monuments, etc.): 1st floor stacks (designated SV)
  • Facsimile editions: 1st floor stacks, Facsimile Section (marked SVF)
  • Rare books & scores (designated SVL, "locked"): request at Circulation Desk (restricted use)
  • Bound periodicals: 1st floor stacks, Periodical Section (marked MUSPE)
  • Unbound periodicals: 2d floor, Reading Room
  • CDs: request at the Circulation Desk by call no.
  • LPs: located in ReCAP facility—request online or at Circulation Desk
  • CD, LP & cassette playback: Media Room, 1st floor
  • DVDs: request at the Circulation Desk by call no.
  • DVD & VCR viewing: Media Room, 1st floor
  • CD-ROMs: request at the Circulation Desk by call no.
  • Microforms: request at the Circulation Desk by call no.
  • Microform guides: 2d floor, Reading Room
  • Microform reader/printer/scanner: 2d floor
  • Book & score scanners: 2d floor
  • ReCAP and Annex materials: request online (shelved off campus and retrieved daily)

Other Important Library Catalogs for Music

Online Scores & Sheet Music

Music published before 1923 is now in the public domain (out of copyright). Here are a few sites linking to digitized copies of many of the scores now available.


Library of Congress Music Classification

A useful overview of the Library of Congress classification system for music used in the Mendel Library.