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Guide to Print Indexes in Microforms for Literature: Diaries/Commonplace Books


  • American women's diaries. (Film B)CT3260 .A437  Guide to accompany microform. MICROFILM 08665 segment 1. New England women (21 reels) -- segment 2. Southern women (34 reels).
  • Anna Margaretta Larpent.  (FilmB)PR718 .W652 Woman's view of drama, 1790-1830 the diaries of Anna Margaretta Larpent in the Huntington Library. MICROFILM 10552 [reel 1-9].Contents of reels reproduced on reel 1.
  • New England women and their families in the 18th and 19th centuries. (FilmB)HQ1438.N35 N483.  Guide to MICROFILM 10625 Ser. A. Manuscript collections from the American Antiquarian Society. pt. 1. Selected New England collections (33 reels). pt. 2. The Dewey-Bliss family collection (17 reels). pt. 3. Main and Massachusetts collections (16 reels) -- Ser. B. Manuscript collections from the Newport Historical Society. pt. 1. William and Robinson collections (22 reels). pt. 2. Selected collections (44 reels) -- Ser. C. Manuscript collections from the Rhode Island Historical Society. pt. 1. Selected collections (26 reels).
  • Southern women and their families in the 19th century: papers and diaries . (FilmB) HQ1458 .S687. See MICROFILM 06950Ser. A. Holdings of the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Pt. 1. Mary Susan Ker papers, 1785-1923 (25 reels). Pt. 2. Roach and Eggleston family papers, 1830-1905 (18 reels). Pt. 3. Louisiana and Mississippi collections (6 reels). Pt. 4. Nicholas Philip Trist papers (17 reels). Pt. 5. Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida collections (24 reels). Pt. 6. Virginia collections (30 reels).

Commonplace Books

(FilmB)PN6245.R462 2003 Renaissance commonplace books from the British Library : a listing and guide to the microfilm collection

(FilmB)PN6245.R366 1994 Renaissance commonplace books from the Huntington Library.

Travel Accounts

Colonial Discourses. Series one, Women, travel, and empire, 1660-1914. (FilmB)G240 .C646.  See MICROFILM 11672.  Pt. 1. Early travel accounts by women, and women’s experiences in India, Africa, Australasia and Canada (reels 1-25) -- Pt. 2. Women and the Orient (reels 26-51) -- Pt. 3. Women and the Orient (reels 52-76) -- Pt. 4. Women, the Americas, and world travel.