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Citation tracking in Web of Science: Printing and Exporting

This guide will give you a short introduction to Web of Science and show you some ways to view and track your personal publications.

Select Output Records

Print, save, or export options are at the bottom of a results list.

Step 1: Select records to export. To export all records returned, click Records and enter 1 to [the total number of records] to export all records (146 for Lyman Spitzer).

Step 2: Select the information to export. Select Full Record to include Times Cited information.

Step 3: Select where to export to. Options include print, email, export to citation managers, or save. For a simple list of works that includes a citation count, select Tab-delimited from the save drop down menu and save as an excel spreadsheet. Times Cited information shows up in the TC field.

If you have further questions about using this function, you can click on the How do I export... link provided by Web of Science or click here.


Print Page

The following is an example of the output of all records using Author, Title, Source and selecting Print.



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