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Citation tracking in Web of Science: Cited Reference Searching

This guide will give you a short introduction to Web of Science and show you some ways to view and track your personal publications.

Cited Reference Searching

To find a specific article, a Title and Author search like the one done in the beginning of this guide, works well.  However, if the article has ever been cited incorrectly, this may not retrieve all the citations.  For a more comprehensive search you will need to do a Cited Reference Search. This method also helps if you are trying to find an article from an incomplete reference. For more information, watch the Web of Science Cited Reference Searching video at

To get started, select the Web of Science tab, then click on Cited Reference Search. To find "Transport Phenomena in a Completely Ionized Gas", search for the author, journal title, and year. Long journal titles are abreviated, so you'll want to consult the journal abbreviation list to get the correct spelling.  Using an asterix for truncation helps ensure the proper author and journal are retrieved. Other search options include volume, issue, page numbers or title.

Selecting Citations

Click "Show Expanded Titles" under Cited Work to view the article titles where available. Check the box next to references that are a possible match. (I have verified that there is only one Spitzer article in this volume of Physical Review). Click Finish Search to view results.

Final Results

The Cited Reference Search found 1262 articles that have cited "Transport Phenomena in a Completely Ionized Gas."  The original Title/Author search retrieved 1234.


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