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Climatological Data Resources: Databases for articles

Best sources for finding Literature and Data in Climatology and Meteorology

Articles, etc.

Most of these databases listed at the right, are comprehensive compilations of indexes and abstracts describing the journal literature, i.e., articles.  Many databases include papers from conference proceedings, symposia and workshops.  Where they primarily consist of reports, it is so indicated.

They are listed, more or less, in order of importance.  They can also be found in the Articles & Databases listing on the Princeton University Library homepage.

Major Databases for Climatology

* Meteorological & Geoastrophysical Abstracts  1974+

* GeoRef (N America, 1785+, Worldwide, 1933+)  Most comprehensive resource in Geosciences.

NTIS National Technical Information Service  1964+  Technical reports from US and other governments.

MarciveWeb DOCS 1976+  Catalog of U.S. Government publications.

* Environmental Sciences & Pollution Management  1967+  A cluster of 12 databases, including Water Resources Abstracts.

Aerospace & High Technology Database  1962+  Journals and technical reports.

* Oceanic Abstracts 1981+

Scopus 1996+  (Largest multidisciplinary database, with more foreign journals, and not much in the Humanities.)

Web of Science 1900+  (Largest multidisciplinary database of scholarly journals covering the "best" journals of ALL fields.)

* These databases can be searched simultaneously because they are all available from the vendor CSA.  They include a search on vetted websites, as well as Illustrata, a database in which "deep indexing" has elucidated data from charts, tables, graphs, illustrations,  etc.

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