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Geosciences Resources: Government Documents

This guide directs the library researcher to the major resources of Princeton University -- and beyond.

U.S. Government Databases


NTIS (National Technical Information Service)  This service indexes a great majority of government-sponsored research, mainly technical reports.

Marcive Web DOCS is an index to most of the publications produced by the various agencies, offices and branches of the U. S. Government, since 1976.  More and more full text documents can be found free on the web; there are live links.  Lewis and Firestone will have many, since Princeton University is a 50% depository of federal Documents.  There is a holdings button which will indicate whether or not one should be able to find it at PUL.

Monthly Catalog of U.S. Government Publications, 1895 - 1976 (Currently 1955-1976)
Comprehensive index to historical information published by the United States federal government. 



U.S. Dept. of Commerce

U.S. Dept. of Interior

The two main geologically-significant Offices of the U. S. Dept. of the Interior are offices of these Assistant Secretaries:

1.  Land and Minerals Management, under which are:

  •    the Bureau of Land Management
  •    the Office of Surface Mining, Reclamation and Enforcement
  •    the Minerals Management Service

The main responsibilities of LMM  are for "programs associated with public land management, operations management and leasing for minerals on public lands, including the Outer Continental Shelf to the outer limits of the U.S. economic jurisdiction, minerals operation management on Indian lands, surface mining reclamation and enforcement functions..."

2.  Water and Science, under which are:

  •    U.S. Geological Survey  (USGS)
  •    Bureau of Reclamation

Water & Science ..."provides policy direction and oversight to program areas related to water project operations, facility security and natural resource management as well as for geologic hydrological, cartographic, biologic, and technological research. It provides guidance in developing national water and science policies and environmental improvement."

*  Source of quotations: The United States Government Manual, 2005-2006, pp. 247,248.

These offices have produced lots of publications, maps and series over many years.  Princeton University has most of them.  They might be in print format or microfiche, however, many have been made available on the web.  See NTIS and Marcive Web DOCS databases (at left) to search for reports and papers.

See the Web Resources tab.  Governments have created portals to much information and data.

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