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Gender and Sexuality Studies Resources: Law

Resources for the study of gender and sexuality at Princeton University.


GenderWatch  (1970+) 

Wide range of sources including both scholarly and popular articles about women, gender issues, and GLBT


Contains all of the content available in LGBT Life as well as full text for 50 of the most important and historically significant gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender journals, magazines and regional newspapers, as well as dozens of full text monographs.

Reference Sources

Feminist jurisprudence: emerging from Plato’s cave--a research guide, by Frances Schmid Holland.  Lanham, Md.: Scarecrow Press, c1996.  (F) KF477.A1 H65 1996



The Equal Rights Amendment: an annotated bibliography of the issues, 1976-1985.  Compiled by Renee Feinberg.  New York: Greenwood Press, 1986.  (SSRC) KF4758.A1 F45 1986


Feminist legal literature: a selective annotated bibliography.  Compiled by F.C. DeCoste, K.M. Munro, and Lillian MacPherson.  New York: Garland Pub., 1991.  (SSRC) K644.A12 D43 1991


Feminists, pornography, & the law: an annotated bibliography of conflict, 1970-1986, by Betty-Carol Sellen and Patricia A. Young.  Hamden, Conn. : Library Professional Publications, 1987.  (F) Z7164.P84 S45 1987


Sexual harassment: a selected, annotated bibliography, by Lynda Jones Hartel and Helena M. VonVille.  Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1995.  (F) Z7164.S46 H37 1995


Women in law: a bio-bibliographical sourcebook.  Edited by Rebecca Mae Salokar and Mary L. Volcansek.  Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1996.  (F) K170 .W66 1996



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Bibliography of Early American Law  (2003)

Access: Requires Internet Explorer on a Windows PC. Must have administrator rights to install the required plugin, which will download automatically on the first access. More information.

Includes over 15,000 items, including treatises, bibliographies, commentaries, digests, lectures, polemics, biographies, and trials covering the early period of American legal history to 1860. It lists the monographic and trial literature on American law and legal development regardless of language or place of publication, as well as texts on foreign and international law published in the United States.


China Legal Access (CLASS)  

Searchable free database of Chinese laws and legal commentaries, in Chinese and English.


Foreign & International Law Resources Database (Hein Online)  

Full text access to regional, national and subject based yearbooks of international law, U.S. international law digests, international tribunal decisions and several significant works related to foreign and international law.


Hein Online Law Journal Library  

Full text access to over 700 law reviews, most back to the first volume. Most recent issues are often not included.


Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals  (1985+)

Index of articles from selected foreign law periodicals and US law reviews focused on international law.


Index to Legal Periodicals and Books  (1908+)

Index of articles from approximately 850 law journals and selected books with some full-text.


Israel Law Reports (Hein Online)  (1948-current)

English translations of selected decisions of the Supreme Court of Israel. Formerly titled Selected Judgments of the Supreme Court of Israel.



Full text archive of core journals in select disciplines. Journal issues from the most recent 3-5 years are usually NOT available electronically through JSTOR. 


Law Library of Congress  

Links to sites offering legal information on countries, including African countries.


Legaltrac  (1980+)

Index of articles from approximately 800 law journals (and selected non-law journals) with some full-text.


Legal Treatises 1800-1926 (Making of Modern Law Digital Archive)  (1800-1926)

Digital library of works from the 19th and early 20th centuries on British Commonwealth and American law. Includes treatises, casebooks, local practice manuals, books on legal form, works for lay readers, pamphlets, letters, and speeches.


Lexis-Nexis Academic  

Comprehensive database of legal materials, including cases, statutes, and regulations of the U.S. government and the various state governments; case law from 1789 to present; current and historical statutes and regulations from 1980 forward. Provides full text of many major national and regional newspapers, including the full text of the New York Times. For comparisons between Lexis-Nexis Academic and Factiva see


Making of Modern Law (Trials 1600-1926)  

Searchable digital archive of trial transcripts, and popular and scholarly accounts of both famous and non-famous historic trials.


Middle Eastern & Central Asian Studies  

Index to journal and newspaper articles, books, and web sites on the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa. Coverage is from 1900 to the present and includes the following fields: politics, law, international relations, economics, literature, religion, arts, anthropology, history and archaeology. The database includes the catalogue of the School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS), a major collection in London


U. S. Supreme Court Records and Briefs 1832-1978 (Making of Modern Law Digital Archive)  

A fully searchable digital archive containing 150 years of U.S. SupremeCourt records and briefs. The record for a case may contain the following types of documents: motions, petitions, oral transcripts, transcripts of the trial record, applications for writ, appendices, letter briefs and jurisdictional statements.


Westlaw Campus  

Note: If Westlaw Campus asks for a password, please click the refresh button on your browser. This should allow access to the database without putting in a password.

Comprehensive database of legal materials, including cases, statutes, and regulations of the U.S. government and the various state governments; includes the legal encyclopedia American Jurisprudence 2nd and American Law Reports; case law from 1789 to present; current statutes and regulations. Documents can also be accessed through broad subject categories such as Civil Rights, International Law and Environmental Law.


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