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New Jersey

Guide to Information about the State.

Municipal Codes

"There is no such thing as a complete and current collection of NJ Municipal Codes as many municipalities do not publish their codes" (Susan Lyons, Government Documents Librarian, Rutgers-Newark Law Library, 10/8/2009)

Rutgers-Newark Law School Library New Jersey Municipal & County Ordinances (Rutgers-Newark Law Library)

Monmouth County Public Library Municipal Government Information Center

Muni-codes (17 NJ towns and cities)

E-Codes (300+ towns and cities)

Municipal Web Sites

Web sites about New Jersey municipalities, hosted by the State of New Jersey. These links may or may not be "official" pages for these towns. They contain some useful information about the municipality and its surrounding area.

Multistate Sources

The United States Conference of Mayors

The site includes Cities Online, a compilation of city web sites by state.