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Climate Change Resources: Books, Monographs

Finding books, databases, journal articles, technical reports, websites, governmental resources, and NGOs.

Search the Library Catalog

Search the Library Catalog

Background info

Look for encyclopedias on the topic: Here's an example: In the online catalog, run a keyword search on, e.g.: global encyclopedia? (? = truncation) You'll find: Encyclopedia of Global Warming and Climate Change [electronic resource] / edited by S. George Philander. AccessScience is the electronic version of the McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology. Wikipedia: on “Global Warming” is very good.

Book, monographic resources

 Finding books and monographs :

Use the online catalog , in the “guided search” mode. Try global warming as a phrase “anywhere”, or in the “title” or “subject” fields. Choose the “long view” of few of the most promising titles. You will see subject headings by which you can focus your search. Start by being specific; then broaden your search, if necessary. You'll note that our "official" subject headings, the Library of Congress system, uses climatic changes, rather than climate.  Truncation example:  climat?

  1. Search Worldcat  to see a huge selection of what is published on any topic, especially in English.
  2. Search EBRARY, or another digitized book database, if you want to be able to do full-text book searching.
  3. Google Books is also available for full text searching, even though there is much that is not actually accessible.
  4. OAIster is a scholarly, open access collection of  ~15.5 million articles, texts, theses, etc.  The program is a "metadata harvester" of ~300 publishing sources.
  5. Springer eBooks. Princeton has a multipart subscription to Springer books, including the Earth & Environmental Sciences package.  The site will recognize Princeton IP addresses. The books are searchable as a conglomerate database.

Current encyclopedias at Princeton

Encyclopedia of global warming, ed., Steven I. Dutch  Pasadena, Calif. : Salem Press, Lewis Library (SCI): Reference (Information Desk) QC981.8.G56 D88 2010.

The encyclopedia of weather and climate change : a complete visual guide, Juliane L. Fry, et al. Berkeley : University of California Press, 2010.,Firestone Library (F) QC854 .F79 2010

Encyclopedia of sustainability [electronic resource]  Santa Barbara, Calif. : Greenwood Press, c2009, Robin Morris Collin, Robert William Collin, eds.

Encyclopedia of global bioethics, Springer, 2016, Henk ten Have, ed.

Encyclopedia of global environmental change, Wiley, 2002, Ted Munn, ed.

Encyclopedia of global human migration, Wiley-Blackwell, 2013, Immanuel Ness, ed.

Encyclopedia of global warming science & technology, Greenwood,  Bruce Johansen, ed. Lewis Reference QC981.8.G56 J638 2009