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Climate Change Resources: Websites

Finding books, databases, journal articles, technical reports, websites, governmental resources, and NGOs.

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Climate 411

"Climate 411 is the voice of the experts at Environmental Defense Fund, providing plain-English explanations of climate change science, technology, policy, and news."  The EDF is definitely a political player.

Our work on global warming »

Major Websites

III. Selected Websites:


NOAA ( U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

3 examples from their homepage drop-down menu:

NCDC -- National Climatic Data Center :

ORNL  ORNL DAAC Data Catalog (holdings), Distributed Active Archive Center for biogeochemical dynamics, Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  All data sets are free.  A semiannual newsletter announces the latest data sets relevant to climate change.

GFDL -- Geophysical Fluid dynamics Laboratory/ a local NOAA facility, on the Forrestal Campus

NASA -- U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NSIDC -- National Snow and Ice Data Center

EPA -- U.S. Environmental Protection Agency




  • UCS -- Union of Concerned Scientists. Citizens and Scientists for Environmental Solutions: 3 sections: Overview, Solutions & Science  (with definite political interests)
  • NAS -- National Academy of Sciences Marian Koshland Science Museum

Web Links for Global Warming Facts & Our Future

Websites from Library Journal, June 1, 2015

Climate Action  Mitigating climate change in Europe.

Global Warming  from global warming skeptics

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change  sharing information under the auspices of the UN

Nature Conservancy's Carbon Footprint Calculator  figures greenhouse gases

UN and Climate Change UN working with member countries, & highlighting how lives of individuals or small populations are being affected

United States Global Change Research Program

Working Together for the Environment and the Economy

Climate Central: Why climate change matters

Headquartered in Princeton, NJ.  Began in 2008.  One of the founding board members is Prof. Stephen Pacala, Director of the Princeton Environmental Institute.