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Art FAQ: Can't find a book?

Answers to Basic Information Questions at Marquand Library

Non-Circulating Collection

Marquand is a non-circulating library, which means
that no books or journals may leave the library,
but may be charged to study carrels and shelves inside the library

I can't find this book in the stacks.

  • Make sure the item you are looking for is actually a Marquand book and is not located off-site, that the call number was written down correctly, and that the item is not checked out or missing (verify in library catalog).  Books in the Annex or ReCAP must be requested via the library catalog, and takes 2-3 business days to arrive in Marquand.
  • Make sure you are looking in the right place, correct floor, size, and/or sublocation (e.g. SAPH: Photography). May need to check both quartos AND octavos (regular-sized items), (and folios and elephants, in some cases), as well as general vicinity of where book should be. Feel free to have a staff member accompany you to the stacks to assist.
  • Fill out a yellow search card at the reference desk, even if you won't be needing the book, because we still need to find it. Alternatively, visit this page. A staff member will contact you if and when the book is found, or will mark the book Missing in the library catalog.

Assistant Art Librarian

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Rebecca Friedman
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