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Water Resources: Thesauri

A guide to finding resources on engineering, geological, and agricultural aspects of water


A thesaurus is a vocabulary, usually applied to a special subject area.  Thesauri can be alphabetical, or hierarchical, which shows the relationships among terms or keywords, and phrases. It can lead one to broader and narrower terms --  more general categories or specific jargon.  These keywords and phrases are usually employed by indexers or authors to describe the content of papers.  These terms are additional to,  although  frequently duplicative of, words or phrases in the titles and abstracts.  Sometimes thesauri have scope notes, defining just how and when the term is employed.

Engineering Thesaurus

Here is the link in Engineering Village (NTIS) to explore subject headings under water -- or whatever!

Engineering Village is now allowing the addition of tags to articles.  They can be added in 3 different groupings:  public, institutional, or private/groups.  These are also then searchable.

Geology Thesaurus

In the GeoRef database, the Geosciences thesaurus  tab is rather hidden under the tab "Search Tools".  You can type in a keyword, then choose to see  an alphabetical listing, a hierarchical or a rotated listing, or all 3.  A rotated index shows you every every different phrase or occurrence of the term.

CSA Thesauri

Several databases mounted by CSA (Cambridge Scientific) have thesauri.  It's recommended to look at one or more, if they cover relevant topics/databases.

Look under the "Search Tools" tab, then "Thesaurus".

Aerospace & High Technology Database  (uses NASA Thesaurus)

Environmental Sciences and Pollution Management  (a direct link to thesaurus tab) 

  •   Water Resources Thesaurus
  •    Life Sciences Thesaurus
  •    Pollution Thesaurus
  •    ASFA Thesaurus

 Meteorological & Geoastrophysical Abstracts

Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts (ASFA Thesaurus)

Oceanic Abstracts (same as ASFA thesaurus)

NTIS (National Technical Information Services)

GeoRef (mentioned in a separate box)

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