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Molecular Biology Research Guide

This guide will assist you in getting familiar with Princeton's scholarly resources in Molecular Biology.

Databases for analysis and visualization

BioCyc Database Collection   A collection of 13075 Pathway/Genome Databases (PGDBs), plus software tools for understanding their data. These tools for are used for navigating, visualizing, and analyzing the underlying databases, and for analyzing omics data. The BioCyc website provides a suite of software tools for database searching and visualization, for omics data analysis, and for comparative genomics and comparative pathway questions

BioRender  --    Free science illustration software for Princeton University.  Contains 1000s of life-science icons, which can be simply “dragged and dropped”!  Requests for new illustrations may be made!     Database includes proteins, cells, organisms, lab equipment, anatomy, and templates for biochemical pathways and other science diagrams.  Quality suitable for publications and presentations, etc.

HHMI Biointeractive  At BioInteractive, you can find award-winning multimedia resources, including apps, animations, videos, interactives, and virtual labs, to bring the excitement of scientific discovery into your classroom. Our rich video resources range from a series of short films on evolution, hosted by an award-winning author-scientist, to lectures on the brain given by a Nobel-prize winner—all supplemented by teacher guides and classroom activities. Our team members include scientists, artists, and educational experts.  Check out the many videos under Collections on this site of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.  (Mainly considered to be AP Biology level.)