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Environmental Studies Research Guide: Home

This guide will assist scholars in environmental studies with using the resources of Princeton University Library.

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Literature awareness database that provides reviews and ratings of research published in the biological sciences. A network of over 1000 accomplished life science faculty assess the scholarly merit of recent peer-reviewed literature and provide a kind of post-publication peer review. Links are provided to related papers within the database, abstracts via PubMed, and full text via FindIt@PUL.

Papers on Climate Change or Global Warming By Princeton Scholars

This is an RSS feed of a search I executed in the database Scopus. Whenever new publications are indexed by Scopus that match the search "(TITLE-ABS-KEY("global warming" OR "climate change") AND AFFIL(princeton))", the matching citations will appear below. Move the mouse over any article title and a pop-up window will appear with the authors, the journal name and other bibliographic information. If you click on an article, the full reference appears with bibliographic data, cited references, related articles, and citing articles (although most are too new to be cited yet). Click Here if you want this feed, you can load it into the reader of your choice. Click Here to visit my LibGuide Tivo for the Internet: RSS Feeds for Research and Leisure, it contains tutorials, instructions and tips for using RSS.

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