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Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Research Guide

This guide is an amalgamation of resources relevant to scholars in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department.

Journal Literature Databases

Each of the services below act as indexes to the journal literature in the biological sciences, each has its own unique niche and purpose. See the description for each to determine if the coverage is appropriate for your topic.

Each of these databases has a unique list of journals that they commit to indexing. Some databases have broader subject and date coverage than others. Learning what each of these can and cannot do will be helpful when you need to quickly and efficiently find references.

The list below is a small subset of the databases on the Articles and Databases page on the library's website. There are more than 700 other databases listed on that site that cover a wide variety of subject areas. For a a full list of databases relevant to your JP research, see the Biological and Life Sciences Subject List.

Core Databases:

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