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Music Industry Research & Resource Guide: Music Resources

For fall semester 2017, this guide supports the freshman seminar "Rockonomics: The Economics of Music" (FRS 163) taught by Professor Alan B. Krueger.

Music Periodical Databases

Use these resources primarily to find print and online articles, reports, notices,  reviews, and other writings on the music industry published in music journals, trade publications, and magazines.

Music Trade Journals

Listed here are some key music trade and related journals. Follow the title links to full descriptions, which include links to issues available online (fully reproduced in pdf or only available in html full-text). Princeton's holdings vary: some issues may be print only; or the library may have neither print or online for others.

Popular Music Resources

The Music Industry: Some Recent Books

All books cited below are located in the Mendel Music Library. Click on "Where to find it" after opening the link for their exact location in the library stacks.