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WRI 101 - Into the Deep Past: 4)Specialized Article Databases

Library resources

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a very unspecialized database.  It's multidisciplinary and wonderful, no question.  However, our subscription databases cover more materials and resources, are better indexed and described, and for a longer period of time than does Google Scholar.  So if you want a really thorough search on a subject or a complete bibliography of an author, you should consult with our databases in the relevant subject(s) or a Librarian subject specialist!

The 2 best large multidisciplinary databases, to which Princeton University Library subscribes are:

Web of Science  (1900+)

Scopus  (1996+)

Both offer forms of citation searching.  There is more value added as in indexing for field searching, date ranging, format, type of publication, keywords, relational/syntactic subjects, language, authors, affiliations, and more.

Selected Literature databases


Selected Performing Arts databases

More Dance, Music, and Theather databases

Selected Philosophy databases

Selected History databases

Selected Science/Technology databases

List of all databases by subject

List of all databases by subject

70 subject areas are listed, with hundreds of databases.  (I love this array!)

General Interest Databases

Selected Sociology / Psychology / Anthropology databases

More Sociology, Psychology and Anthropology Databases

Selected Politics databases

Selected Religion databases