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Gender & Sexuality Studies

19th and 20th Centuries (W cont.)

Women, Education and Literature: The Papers of Maria Edgeworth, 1768-1849. Parts 1-3

Microfilm 10304    Guide (FilmB) PR4646.A355


Women in Argentina: Pamphlets, 1978-85.

Microfilm 05667    Guide: none


Women in Argentina, III: Pamphlets, 1984-1989.

Microfilm 06383    Guide: none


Women in Argentina, IV: Pamphlets, 1986-1991.

Microfilm 07285    Guide: none


Women in Argentina, VII, 1993-2005.

This collection comprises a diversity of pamphlets, flyers, posters, newspapers, and other documents produced by Argentine non-governmental organizations and movements, interest groups, cultural organizations, political parties, city and state government, and other types of publishers. All materials reflect and relate to the situation and political activism of Argentine women from the early 1990s onward, even though most were created between 2000 and 2005

Microfilm 12064    Guide: none


Women in Central America, I, 1960-2004.

Section 1. Costa Rica.  Section  2. El Salvador.  Section 3. Guatemala.  Section 4. Honduras.  Section 5. Nicaragua.  Section 6. Panama .  Section 7. Central America.

Microfilm 12092    Guide: none


Women in Peru 1980-1990, II: Pamphlets.

Microfilm 07359    Guide: none


Women in Peru, 1983-1985: Pamphlets.

Microfilm 05396    Guide: none


Women in Peru, III, 1986-2003.

Location: Special Collections Off-Site Storage: Contact

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Women, Suffrage and Politics: The Papers of Sylvia Pankhurst, 1882-1960: From the Internationaal Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis, Amsterdam.

Microfilm 07849    Guide (FilmB) HQ1595.P34S373 1989

Part 1

Part 2


Women Writers: Specialist Collection.

Microfiche 1167    Guide (FilmB) Oversize Z5917.W6 W65q


Women’s History Research Center, 1974-1976. Women and Law. Sections 1-6

Microfilm 05626    Guide (FilmB) KF478.A5 B37


Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom: Peace and Freedom.

Microfilm S00485, reel 22    Location has: Vol.26, no. 2 (Feb. 1966)-v.31, no. 6 (June 1971)


Women’s Journals, 1919-1968: From Franchise to Feminism. Part 1. Eve, 1919-1929

Microfilm 11603    Guide (FilmB) PN5114.W6.W66


Women’s Journals of the Nineteenth Century.  Part 1, The Women’s Penny Paper & Woman’s Herald, 1888-1893

Microfilm 09665    Guide (FilmB) PN5124.W6 W66


Women’s Language and Experience, 1500-1940: Women’s Diaries and Related Sources.  Parts 1-3

Microfilm 11667    Guide (FilmB) HQ1593.W653


Women’s Periodicals: 18th Century to the Great Depression. Units 1-3

Microfilm 11993    Guide (FilmB) HQ1180.W6753 1991


Working Women in Victorian Britain, 1850-1910: Diaries and Letters of Arthur J. Munby (1828-1910) and Hannah Cullwick (1833-1909) from Trinity College, Cambridge.

Microfilm 09779    Guide (FilmB) HD6135 .M862


Microfilm Location

Women's history microfilm collections, and the printed guides to accompany the microfilm are housed in Microform Services on C-floor in Firestone Library.