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WRI 196/197: Decoding Dress: Search Terms & Library Session Links

For the freshmen writing seminar Decoding Dress (WRI 196/197) taught in fall semester 2018 by Erin Vearncombe.

Established Subject Terms

Power words for effective searching: an ongoing list of established subject descriptors relevant to "Decoding Dress". We will build during the semester. E-mail me additions that you discover in the catalog and databases.

  • Clothing and dress -- Social aspects
  • Costume -- History
  • Costume -- Psychological aspects
  • Costume -- Symbolic aspects
  • Costume design
  • Fashion -- Social aspects
  • Fashion design
  • Hairstyles
  • Women -- Clothing
  • Women's clothing

Session 1: Sample Article / Bibliography

Session 1 (Fall 2016 only): Finding Sources Exercise Topic: Steampunk and Victorian References in Contemporary Clothing

Session 2 (fall 2016 only): Focusing on the “hip-hop body,” as well as the surrounding culture and music, explore how and why the visual and fashion aesthetics of hip-hop have changed from the early years of the movement in the 1990s to the current decade

Session 2 (Spring 2018): Superhero costume and national identity

Session 2: Keyword Worksheet for Searching Your Topic: The 5 W's--Who, What, Where, When, Why

Research Proposal Worksheet

Session 2: Points to Consider While Investigating Topics

  • Evaluate the source
    • Primary or secondary?
    • Does the source seem authoritative? If yes, why?
    • How might this source potentially be used in an academic paper?
  • What keywords, concepts, patterns, and topics are starting to surface from your investigation?
  • Who cares about the topic? Are any names reoccurring?

Session 2: Works Cited samples from student papers