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WRI 134: Talking Politics

Search the Library Catalog

Search the Library Catalog

Find Scholarly Journal Articles

Use article databases for finding unknown journal articles (remember, the Library Catalog does not contain records of journal articles). These databases are searched much like the Library Catalog (by title, author, subject, etc.), but use the "keyword" option to start. The results of your search will be records of particular articles, some of which will have direct links to an HTML or PDF copy. Others will provide this link: Check SFX, which connects to a screen with links that attempt to locate the article (if those do not find an electronic version, search for the journal title in the Library Catalog to see if we have the print version).

Search Articles+ for peer-reviewed articles

Search Major Newspapers

Search major newspapers

Use our Articles+ service to search the following newspapers:
  • New York Times, Wall St. Journal, LA Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune
  • Financial Times, The Guardian, The Times (London)

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