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Using Zotero at Princeton

Using Zotero at Princeton

Zotero for Google Docs

Getting Zotero and Scrivener to work together

(this was taken from a post in the Zotero Forums, and is not yet tested.)


1) I use the classic method to link the two softwares : citation using the Scannable Cite export format in Zotero. This can be selected in the options.

2) Now, I build a command that allow me to make the Zotero prompt pop out when I write.
Using this method :
I create a command in Automator. Just follow the explanations in the video. The difference is : don't use the zotpick-pandoc that he's suggesting, but instead download (or copy paste) the code for zotpick scannable cite in zotero. It's all in the same download file in the link :, the name is : zotpick-scannable-cite.applescript.

3) Build the command. I just followed the steps in the video.

4) Now I can use Scrivener, hit a key (that I can configure), chose a Zotero reference within the dedicated panel (and add prefix, suffix, page number...), integrate the citation formatted in my document (it's in scannable cite).

5) Then I can export (ODT), scan ODT to citations with Zotero (the classic way :
and there I have my document with Zotero citations that I can configure.

Not perfect, but great for what I do ! Like I said, it's working, not that simple and intuitive, but its a better integration anyway.
Let me know if you need help.