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African American Studies Faculty-Graduate Seminar

This guide includes resources related to the annual African American Studies Faculty-Graduate Seminar.

African American Studies Faculty-Graduate Seminar

The Faculty-Graduate Seminar is an intimate intellectual community that comes together to discuss work in progress around a common theme across a wide range of disciplines affiliated with African American Studies (AAS). Each year, a faculty convener invites guest speakers to present work-in-progress connected to a specific theme. This guide includes books, articles, and other materials produced by previous speakers. When available, published scholarship directly related to a work-in-progress originally presented at the seminar is featured. The content is updated annually to include the most recent seminar. 

Participation in the African American Studies’ Faculty-Graduate Seminar for one academic year or the equivalent (two semesters) will fulfill one of the requirements for the AAS Graduate Certificate

Previous Faculty-Graduate Seminars

Black Movement: Black Stillness 20232024 (LibGuide Page Forthcoming) 

Black Speculative Futures 20222023

Plantation Effects: Visual Ecologies of Race, Place and Labor 20212022

“Writing the Impossible”: Black Studies and Critical Archival Praxis. 20202021

Black Design: History, Theory, and Practice 20192020

Surveilling Blackness: Race and the Maximum-Security Society 20182019