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WRI 121: The Future of Food: Welcome

This library research guide is for the Princeton University writing seminar The Future of Food

Welcome to the Library

So glad that you're here! I'm Jen Hunter, the librarian paired with your writing seminar. This semester I'll be doing 1-2 workshops to teach you how to use the library as part of the research process for your papers. This guide will cover a lot of that as reference after the workshop. 

I'm happy to help you with this class and also any library related questions you might have. You can either email me or schedule an appointment using the button under my profile picture to the right. 

Office Location: Firestone A-14.H1

Research: Putting It All Together

Think of your papers like meals. For the second paper, you had a meal kit. The recipe was chosen, you were given the ingredients, but it was up to you to prepare them and cook the meal. Maybe you added a little of your own garnish. 

The third paper is asking a lot: you need to decide what you are hungry for, create a recipe, source the ingredients, and then make it. Think about it this way, you will need to come up with a topic, decide what you need to write the paper, find those items, read them all, and then write a coherent, and hopefully compelling, argument. 

I'm here to help with the ingredients part of the journey. Based on what you want to cook, what ingredients will you need? Can you go to a regular grocery store or do you need to go to a specialty store? If the latter, which one? What ingredients are you missing? 

Each person's recipe is different, and therefore you'll all need different ingredients. I'm happy to be your chef coach in guiding you. 

Library Lexicon

PUL - acronym for Princeton University Library

Stacks - Shelves of books

ReCAP - Shared off-site storage facility in Plainsboro. You have to request books from ReCAP. They usually arrive within 24 hours.

ILL - Interlibrary loan. Used to request books that Princeton doesn't own.


Your Writing Sem Librarian

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Jen Hunter

Working With a Librarian

When you meet with a librarian it's helpful for us to know: 

  • The details of your assignment and where you are in the process.
  • Your research question and ideas for where you want to take it.
  • Where you have already looked and which terms you have already tried.