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Library Research for 2022 "MODFLOW and More" Conference

Publications, Data, Imagery sources for Groundwater, Surface Water, Water Quality, Water Use

Online Bibliographic Sources in Hydrology

2001 - Online Bibliographic Sources in Hydrology

2002 - Bibliography on the Occurrence and Intrusion of Saltwater in Aquifers along the Atlantic Coast of the United States

USGS Publications


ScienceBase search, MODFLOW

USGS Numbered Series List



Mineral Resources Online Spatial Data

National Uranium Resource Evaluation (NURE) program, Hydrogeochemical and stream sediment reconnaissance (HSSR)

Geochemistry of stream sediments in the US from the NURE-HSSR database

Geochemistry of water samples in the US from the NURE-HSSR database

Geochemical landscape of the conterminous US: maps of NURE-HSSR data

- email Emily ( ) for pdfs of NURE-HSSR reports